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Thread: To Wrap Or Not To Wrap A Brand New BMW?

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    Question To Wrap Or Not To Wrap A Brand New BMW?

    1. For a brand new car, what are your thoughts on whether or not to apply a clear wrap (e.g. bra/full front/more) vs leaving alone and re-painting in 4 or 5 years?
    (Note: we autocross (and may well start to track) so I know a wrap will help protect from the inevitable wear and tear of the sport).

    2. And if you have experience of clear wraps, are there brands you recommend. I've had success with clear bras on three cars but I know the technology is progressing and some are now self-healing??

    3. And if a wrap/clear bra is applied, some people recommend a ceramic coating on top. Any experience/thoughts on this?


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    Hey Nigel - I would highly recommend a wrap; esp if you're going to be tracking the car. Messing up the BMW's paint will be an expensive headache down the line that can be easily avoidable. I'm not familiar with brands, but I would recommend whatever brand a company called Sticker City uses; I think it's a version of 3M (this is a local business in socal that is regarded as one of the best). Hope this helps you out a bit and best of luck!

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    I just took delivery of a 2017 M2, and I am wrapping the whole front end, rocker panels, and rear quarters. This will be followed by ceramic...We are using Xpel for the wrap and CQuartz finest for the ceramic. Not cheap, but worth it as it will be my daily driver and I don't want to respray the car for rock chips.

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    Absolutely do it. I would also do A pillars, rear bumper.

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    Wrap it!

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    No save your money to maintain your car

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    Quote Originally Posted by jclausen View Post
    No save your money to maintain your car
    Lol I hope you're joking... Its a brand new car, if it even needs maintenance it will be covered under warranty.

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