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Thread: Refreshed Bumper Paint On A Budget For About $20

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    Refreshed Bumper Paint On A Budget For About $20

    So I just got this 97 z3 and we have a love hate relationship.
    It only has 80K miles, but the paint is trashed.

    I refreshed the bumper paint since the clear coat was peeling for about $20 (Rustoleum clear coat, 2000 grit sand paper, and Meguir's ultimate compound).


    I decided to fool around with some rattle can clear coat on the bumper...


    It came out great except for the orange peel haze. It didn't bother me because the rest of the paint on the car is horrible, but I decided to learn how to wet sand and buff and attempt to fix the orange peel.
    After 1 hour of work I think it came out pretty good.


    My last car was an e36 and I was always afraid to work on the paint, but now that I realize how easy it is I feel like I can do the whole car.
    Let me know what you think or if you have any questions.
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    Good job! Did you wetsand the peeling clearcoat before you applied the rustoleum?

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