Complete running M90 engine with wiring harness

Originally from an '80 635CSi Euro model. It ran great up until the day we pulled it out of the car. The car was rusty otherwise it would probably still be on the road with this engine in it. Exact mileage is unknown so it would be wise to go through and freshen things up before putting it back in a car. The M90 can be identified by the raised coolant passage on the intake side of the block. This is the real deal 93.355mm bore x 84mm stroke bottom end. It's the perfect upgrade for an E9 coupe or a nice correct spare for an E12 M535i. I can strap this engine and ship it just about anywhere but we will have to quote freight first. Generally it's around $300.

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List Date: 1/9/2017

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On Sale For: $1,000.00