Hello Everyone! I am a DIY detailer, and always make sure my ride is in TOP form! I grab all the great products from autogeek, as they have some of the best deals around!

One nasty problem that always bugs me is when the hoses & cords get jammed between the tire while i'm cleaning. I have tried things such as cutting a plastic bucket ect.... I have even tried a different product, But none of them really worked like I hoped for.
My friend told me to pick up this neat little product, and I must say, its great! It slides underneath the tires and has some notches that press against the tire, so they stay in place. The main reason i picked it up is for the rollers on the end, they allow easy movements of anything that passes by. They seem to be quite durable, and are extremely compact. GREAT little tool & must have if you clean a lot like i do!!! Hose-eez came in a set of (4) , just kicked them underneath the tires and did its job.

Picked the set up here , www.hose-eez.com

Product In Package

Main pic off their site