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Thread: New bmw owner and seeking car cleaning advice. DIY or detail?

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    New bmw owner and seeking car cleaning advice. DIY or detail?

    Hi Everyone, I'm a recent new owner of a new 2016 X5 40d (alpine weiss) and I'm super happy with it! I have however a dilemma with regards to keeping my car clean and I'd love to hear about what people think with regards to regular upkeep.

    I upgraded from a ford focus (I know, big upgrade), and it's now my day-to-day car. I was pretty bad at cleaning my car before, I used to take it every couple months to the car wash and then to a run-of-the-mill detailer for a full makeover once or twice a year. As you can probably relate, the price tag makes you think more about keeping it clean!

    Now, I've done some reading online and I get this general sentiment that nobody likes giving their expensive cars to a detailer, some because they like washing their car (that's not me) and others because they don't trust car washers/detailers (maybe me). Car wash machines are a no-no because it ruins the paint, and therefore you need to find a place that uses the two bucket method. Fair enough, but even then, I notice on random threads where people that do hand new cars to detailers seem to have control issues and don't just let go and come back to a nice clean car.

    With some enthusiasm about having a nice new car, I gave cleaning myself a go, I read up on the two bucket method, got some quality mits, cloths, meguiars car wash soap and even found/ordered a portable pressure washer as I don't have water in my garage. That took a while, and remember that I also said I'm not good at proactively cleaning my car, so I was left with a 3 month old car that had some 10,000km of accumulated dirt on it. It was so dirty, the rims were black (on a sidenote, I am now debating getting some additional black rims, they look good!)!

    This first experience solidified my thoughts about the fact that I'm just not the kind of guy that likes detailing his own car I only washed it, it took 2-3 hours, and the rims still needed some work! Moreover, I found that my garage is just not leveled well so part of the time I'm pushing water around the floor with a mop. When I start thinking about claying, waxing, etc. it does not excite me. I know regular upkeep probably shaves off the time needed, but I just don't have that kind of time and/or will to do it myself...

    Now I'm thinking I'm giving it to a detailer, at least for the exterior. I've found some places that do the two bucket method, they seem OK but it's hard to tell (I live in the Barcelona, Spain area). I'll probably ask my dealer too for recommendations before pulling the trigger, but in Spain they're quite easygoing and I wouldn't be surprised if they refer me to a regular car wash.

    So my ultimate question is... are there people that DO NOT wash their own BMWs on this forum, and what tips/tricks can you offer to one that wants someone else to do it for them? I know it depends on usage and personal preference but how often should one plan to get their car cleaned so that at least it's kept in a reasonable state and a well-protected car body from the elements?

    Sorry for the long post, but would really love to get some outside persepective. Happy New Year!

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    Car Cleaning ...Always DIY

    Easy Answer...DIY...for me is pride of ownership and some " sweat equity " that make it yours...and is FUN !!

    I always wash and then detail my M Roadster EVERY Month

    Anybody can throw $ to have others do the work, where is the FUN with that ??!
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    I enjoy DIY. The sense of pride & accomplishment is great!
    Nothing like standing back after your finished, and seeing that show quality shine!

    Not to mention all the great products you can pickup from autogeek, and have them delivered to your door. Easy for me to say DIY!!

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