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Thread: Which coils do you guys have on your m3?

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    Which coils do you guys have on your m3?

    Hey guys,
    The question is above and also how are their performances?

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    1991 325ic, 1994 325is
    I have Koni adjustables with Tein springs. Made for a nice drop and ride and handling is still good.

    2002 M3 Vert 6 speed with hardtop

    1991 325i 'vert auto

    1994 325is 5spd

    2004 x5 4.4

    2001 325i sedan

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    2004 BMW E46 M3 Coupe
    Just about to order a set of Megan Racing EZ Street coilovers from ECS:

    Once installed and tested, I will provide a review accordingly.
    2004 BMW ///M3 S54B32 2DR Black ~333 BHP
    Current Modifications:
    - Dual VANOS rebuild/repair (Beisan systems VANOS rebuild + Anti-rattle kit + rebuilt solenoid pack)
    - DNA Motoring catback exhaust (sounds like Supersprint but for thousands less!)
    In-Progress Modifications:
    - Subframe inspection/repair/reinforcement
    - K&N Air Intake w/ Shield
    - Megan Racing exhaust cat-less SS tubular headers
    - Exhaust X-pipe delete
    - Conforti Shark Injector Chip (SIC)
    - WPC treated rod bearings

    1999 BMW 323iS M52B25 2DR Black ~190 BHP *SOLD*

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    Are Slower than yours.
    Ground Control. IIRC it has Eibach ERS springs (linear rate) Koni double adjustable. I love it
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    Quote Originally Posted by TommytheTit View Post
    I have a 98 e36 m3 and my 0 to 60 is like 8 seconds what is happening to the car how is that possible can anybody help
    Quote Originally Posted by MisterM52 View Post
    If you fail to see the irony of your own rather inexperienced novice post of getting woed by spilling some oil or water on a belt, and asking us what we think from our experience, then prepare to be mocked by some
    Quote Originally Posted by turnerm3 View Post
    I know some v8 guys will unplug the spark plugs to just run 4 cylinders and save gas so i dunno how that works but whatever

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    I'm running KSport but K&N has always been recommended to me as I'm looking into a new set (mine were put on 5 years ago from the previous owner). My setup is hard, so I can't tell you about comfort really because I haven't had time to jack it up and adjust the coils.

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    Moton Clubsports.

    There is a huge jump going from something like a low end Koni/Bilstein designed for street use and to last 100,000 miles to a higher end Motion Control or KW designed for dual use.

    Once you go past that into dedicated competition use Penske/Ohlins/Motons/JRZ (where one shock can cost as much as an entire set of lower end shocks) there are substantially diminishing returns, but if you're competing with the car those diminishing returns can yield fractions of seconds, which can be the difference between winning and losing an event.

    I will say this - Moton's customer support is terrible. If I had to do it again I'd go JRZ.
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    2006 Estoril Blue/Cin M3
    I use GC S/S. Car sees a fair amount of track regularly.

    Which is best for you is based upon how you use the car, what you want from it and how much you want to spend.

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