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Thread: All Users please read

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    All Users please read

    I'd like to appeal to your logic and good sense.

    Fact: Bimmerforums is supported by advertising dollars. Without those dollars, we would not able to continue. Our advertisers want to get the maximum exposure for their advertising dollars.

    Fact: Our members and users pay no fees to participate in the forums and list items for sale.

    Fact: Our advertisers have standards of decency and mainstream acceptance. They do not want to be associated with rude, crude and socially unacceptable language and behavior.

    So, we would prefer that other competing forums are not promoted publicly on Bimmerforums. Mr Pepsi wouldn't allow Mr Coke to hang a Coke banner on the front of his building. Our supporting vendors do not want to see their potential customers being directed to other forums that they may not support. If they percieve their advertising doesn't pay off, they will spend their money elsewhere. If that happens, we all lose.

    We also do not want to see any bashing of competeing forums.

    We have specific rules about language and personal attacks. These rules apply to all public forums. OT is the exception. If we cannot maintain these rules, our advertisers will leave. In the past, we've had vendors that wanted to become advertisers but choose not to because of their policies on content and conduct.

    So, I'm asking you to avoid the fowl language. Be respectful of others even if their opinion is different from yours. Stay on topic. We're all here because of our love of BMWs. Enjoy the forums and make them the best place to hang out.

    Thanks for listening.

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    I'm coming late to this party, having only recently discovered this part of the forum. But, I just wanted to say I appreciate a moderator who is willing to take a stand against the BS that I'm seeing on so many other boards. There are many that I will no longer read because they are nothing more than playgrounds for potty mouth kids who seem to only be capable of trash talking and flaming others. Sure, I'm an old fart and I drop an occasional f-bomb. But, I'm here to learn from and share with others in this community. I thank you for trying to keep this civil. There are plenty of other sites for the adolescents.

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    Seems to be a well articulated set of rules, with plenty of freedom of expression thrown in.
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