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Thread: I'm new at this. Best wax/polish?

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    I'm new at this. Best wax/polish?

    I just got a white 2007 650i coupe. It's the nicest car I've had thus far, and want to keep it nice, with that key BMW shine. What's the most efficient wax and polish routine? Does anyone have specific product recommendations? There are so many waxes and polishes and the like out there, I have no idea where to start.
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    It's a 2007 and has swirls but it's white so they're hard to see.
    A glaze fills swirls and Poorboy's World White Diamond is a glaze made for white or light colored paint. 3 or 4 layers will fill the swirls.
    Then you can put on a wax like Poorboy's World Natty's White.
    That'll be the most inexpensive route for you.

    A sealant is a synthetic wax and lasts way longer so that's an option for you since you're from the midwest. As a long lasting sealant, I've had great success with Menzerna Powerlock. Easy on, easy off, and offers a super shine and long lasting protection. After about 4 hrs, the sealant molecules have set up so another layer can be added for even longer protection. So, glaze first then Menzerna Powerlock. This combination will last you through the winter. Hint: put the sealant on your wheels too. Crud will clean off easier.

    I'm guessing you don't have any buffers or polishers so if you want the absolute best solution, have a professional detailer polish the swirls out of your clearcoat. The detailer will use progressively finer grits of polishes to remove the swirls. Then have the detailer put on one of the modern coatings on the car. These coatings are like sealants on steroids and last for years and years. If you decide to go this route, let us know and we'll offer a few suggestions for a coating.

    So, congrats on the 650i and you're about to be bitten by the detailing bug. The people here are quick to help so don't be afraid to ask and order some quality microfiber towels when you order your glaze/sealant/wax.

    And pics when you're done of course.

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