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Thread: My M50B30 Build

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    There is a fix for Chrome and Firefox users to re-enable Photobucket pics. Google is your friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakermac View Post
    There is a fix for Chrome and Firefox users to re-enable Photobucket pics. Google is your friend.
    That doesn't work anymore

    *edit: doesnt work with chrome but still works with firefox
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    More info on m50b30nv stroked? I have a spare m54 I'm tryna dismantle

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    I did this build myself. Problem is it backfires through intake. I keep rechecking the timing with no start. Just popping through intake. Any thoughts?

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    So it's been awhile..... I have bought and completely rebuilt 2 cars and just recently bought a Ford 6.9 diesel Flatbed.... Needless to say this thing has been neglected, but no more!!! Here is the progress so far.

    Got the m50b30 close enough where the other engine had to come out.

    Trans, exhaust and drive shaft to. Switching to a zf320. More on that later....

    Switching over the necessary components

    Shop dog Jr.

    I have thing for tranniez

    SO. Everyone on the internet says the zf310 and zf320 are identical in all things that matter. NOT. First off, my 310 had a forward transmission mount in the shape of a U. The 320 does not. Seems it doesnt matter but tripped me up for a little. Next, the Shift selector joint on the rear of the transmission are different lengths. Not by much but enough to throw of your shifter. 4th gear was slamming the center console. Changed the 320 joint for the 310 joint and worked perfect. I was pulling my hair out trying to find the problem and it was jus tthe little joint!

    Got the engine installed to

    zf320 with new clutch, t.o.b., guibo and slave.

    Changed CSB and put d shaft back in.

    90% complete!!

    Till next time!
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    Got the m 50 b 30 close enough where the other engine had to come

    hey gents. What was your final outcome on the m50b30 stroker motor? whp? was there any disadvantages? and my biggest concern, would it be great to build for constant high revving?


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    Props to OP S61Dan.

    I just picked up an M54B30 for cheap - disassembled, and it looks pretty good. I'll soon be pulling the M50B25tu out of my '93 E36. Deleting VANOS - it's a track only car. I was suspicious about swapping in M54 cams. I have what purport to be S50 cams. We shall see.... Any experiential input or advice is appreciated.

    You fly helos, so, ur nuts, but appreciate the help. Thx

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