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Thread: Can't match black sapphire mettalic paint

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    Can't match black sapphire mettalic paint

    Couldn't figure out a better place to put this. Wife wrecked her BMW in BSM. While the repair shop did an okay job, the paint is the right color, but has lost a lot of metallic flake sparkle. You can really tell in the sunlight where the new paint ends and the old paint starts - the old paint has so much more sparkle.

    Are we doomed to live with it or do we take it back to the shop and tell them to try again? Can the paint be matched? I would have thought matching black would have been easy, but what's up with the lack of flake? Was it mixed improperly or can the human just not replicate the factory paint (probably applied by robot)

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    Most reputable shops provide a warranty on their paint work. Go back and talk to them and see what they can do.

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    Cant match black sapphire mettalic paint

    I think there is nothing much to do, hope that one day they can create a spray or lipstick that match ur car color and seal back the color.

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    Ive had my hood resprayed by a shop and they were able to match the paint without issue. Same color as yours. Did they blend in the surrounding panels or simply spray the new parts?

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