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Thread: Mklock's Nickel and Dime Ya turbo project / build thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mklock View Post
    I see, should I use a second form of holding it onto the tunnel? I cut all the vallies with a blade and had a super clean surface before hand. I'd prefer not cleaning it up in a year or two. Also used a heat gun to help adheasion.
    I didn’t use heat. I specifically used “fatmat” in mine. Adhered great.

    But just after the bell I had a splice and it ran out of there over the last few years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vollosso View Post
    Yep I cleaned and sandpapered my tunnel.

    But alec, was yours TAR BACKED??? Or just foil.

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    Mine was foil with some insulation on the back side. It was DEI brand.

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    I put DEI fiberglass heat tape on about 8 years ago. Holding up well. Very thin so access is as good as it can be. I did one car with 2 inch tape and bought sheets for another car. Not a pretty as the fancy stuff in the pictures above.

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    DEI was one that I was looking at, I opted to go thinner with this stuff. It's more of a sound dampener I think but should reflect some heat. Dynamat is the name brand of it, guess we will see if it holds up! This did have the "Tar backing" though and I let it sit in the sun to get playable. All I know is the stock stuff thats in there turns to literally dust and I could not deal with it lol.
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