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Thread: Care and Feeding of the General BMW Mechanical Help Forum

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    Care and Feeding of the General BMW Mechanical Help Forum

    Kevlar’s rules of the road post (http://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/an...php?f=145&a=95) summarizes quite nicely what we expect here in the GenMech forum.

    We’d like to remind everyone posting here that many of the folks assisting in this forum are experienced BMW technicians, or savvy DIY’ers. Sometimes we are direct in our responses, but our intent is to help and assist. Here’s a few quick do’s and dont’s to help everyone:

    Forums do not always have a reputation for clean/respectful discourse - let’s change that! We hold ourselves to a higher standard here, and expect everyone else to do the same.

    Ask questions - we’re always willing to learn!
    Ask if something doesn’t make sense!
    Tell us everything you can about your problem/symptom or vehicle - too much info is better than not enough. Remember these immortal words - “we’re not standing in front of the car, so help us help you!”
    Tell us if you’ve attempted a repair or tried to install a part.
    Come back and let us know what fixed your problem - whether the suggestions here were right or wrong!
    Post videos and photos - they are worth 1000 words, i heard once.
    Feel free to speak your mind and disagree - RESPECTFULLY!
    Feel free to say thank you for the advice we give - everyone likes to be thanked from time to time!

    Please don’t use the term stealership - it’s funny, and we get it; however, it’s a negative/derogatory term that sets folks on edge. The very person waiting to help you here may be a dealership employee - respect your audience!
    Assume we know what you know - again, this is text and we aren’t standing next to the car.
    Be offended if we ask you to check basic things - this is part of the troubleshooting process.
    Be surprised if we recommend taking your car to a dealer or shop for diagnosis. Modern cars are amazingly complex, and often can prove difficult to diagnose without the proper equipment and experience. Sometimes, it’s just the proper path. Naturally, we’ll do our best to assist in any way we can.

    Thank you!
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