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Thread: Worlds quickest 1/4 mile E39

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    The controller can be bought cheaper directly from ofgear

    I'm thinking building an adapter for a Bmw engine, when I start on my new project

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    Very impressive!
    Makes me want to go to an auto. Guess I have to live with the title of "2nd E39 into the 10's".
    Keep up the good work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy D View Post
    Yes there's a lot of models
    Mine is a 722.636 if remember correctly:-)

    But a 320cdi is making over 800Nm when chip/ecu tuned and have no problem holding the power.

    I'm building an M3 with 2jz and 722.628
    Belhouse looks the same
    Could and would you sell the drawing from the adapter?

    722.628 is from S600 V12

    Great build by the way

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