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Thread: Automatic to 6 speed manual swap in 428i Gran Coupe

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    Automatic to 6 speed manual swap in 428i Gran Coupe

    I am interested in replacing the eight speed automatic transmission in my 2015 428i Gran Coupe (RWD) with a six speed manual transmission. I have determined the appropriate trans part number and located a low mile donor vichicle at a salvage yard. I am a competent mechanic so physically changing the transmission, clutch pedal/master cylinder,etc.. is no issue at all. The big question for me is what needs to occur electrically to seal the deal? I'm hoping maybe plug in the clutch pedal switch, buy a transmission harness and re-flash the control module to let it know it is now a 6MT? Or is it much more involved requiring multiple module replacements and harness swaps?

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    Hi! I'm curious if you've ever taken on this project and had success with it. If so, would you mind sharing your experience? Thanks!

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