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Thread: N55 DP FIX, area74, we have a story to tell.....did we fix it? YES WE DID!!!!

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    o2 simulator working on my 2003 e39 540i

    working on my 2003 e39 540i

    cats are gutted and I tried several simple solutions like defoulers and capacitor circuits without success. after searching the boards for months recently found here.

    wired them in at the ecu and after a drive cycle has no pending codes and IM ready for catalyst. I have driven 200 miles and now have 0 INC ready to pass inspection. They are very small about the size of a matchbox and there is plenty of room in the ecu compartment.

    a little confusing trying to identify which wires to cut. in the end I ohmed out from the o2 sensor to verify I was correct.

    The o2 sensors go to the the 24 pin connector on the ecu. Each sensor wires are grouped. On my US model it is:

    Black/Blue wire bank 1 behind the cat
    Black/White wire bank 2 behind the cat
    (see drawings and confirm your exact model)

    first picture shows the cables entering the ecu compartment. cut the signal wire and splice in the sensor as directed yellow wire on the ecu side.

    I grabbed power and ground tapping into the big red and black wire on the connector. probablly should have added an inline fuse but used very thin wire so hopefully it will burn open in the unlikely event the simulator shorts out.

    picture 4 shows both sensors taped together the fit nicely next to the relays held with tape and a cable tie.
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    Are there install directions for an F30 335i?

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    I just did an install on my '02 E46, I spliced in to the o2 sensor wires just downstream from the connectors near the fuel rail. I used the positive heater lead for power, and added an inline fuse, everything fits nicely under the plastic cover. Cleared codes, and have about 50 miles of driving, no issues or codes so far.

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    This is amazing, stumbled upon this thread trying to find a fix for the downpipes I ordered on my 135i n55, will be buying this soon!

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    I'm wondering if I did the install of the area74 wrong.. I didn't wire it to the sensor side because the wires were too tight so had to go on the engine side.
    The car is a m235i.
    I clear codes and drive regularly.. and after an overnight cool down I end up getting a CEL.
    If I run through the prescribed driving (idle 3 min, 15 min @ 55, 15 min at 35 etc.) after clearing codes I get a few pending codes and then next day I get the CEL...
    P013A - Rear Oxygen Sensor Slow Response Rich to Lean Bank 1 Sensor 2
    P013E - Rear Oxygen Sensor Delayed Response Rich to Lean Bank 1 Sensor 2

    Do I need to disconnect the batter after installing the area74 ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by foozed View Post
    Do I need to disconnect the batter after installing the area74 ?

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    looking to do this in my near future, subscribed!
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    They did not work for me and area74 was non responsive. This was on an 08M3.

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