Hello All,
I am turning to all of the experts here on a subject that I'm sure is beginning to sound like a broken record. I am looking to install a double din receiver into my E46 (05' 330xi) and I need the most detailed description or advice possible in order to fit it. I have searched the internet for a proper mount kit, etc. and I have found one from Janus-Design that I'm sure you are all familiar with (see the bottom of my post for the link). The problem I am having is that I live in the US and the English on the "create account" page on the website is very poor. For example, it requests "Vorname, Nachname, Hausnummer, Postleitzahl," etc. I did google some of these words to translate, however I am confused by a few things, such as why they ask for a zip code in two separate boxes. Being that this format is unfamiliar to me, my fear is that if I were to order this product that I will get the shipping info wrong and I will have effectively wasted over $100. Can anyone help?