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Thread: Z3 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)...........

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    Z3 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)...........

    Newbie Information
    (more info below under "Prospective Buyer Research")

    Z3 Pre-Purchase Advice
    Noobs! Introduce Yourselves!

    Lurkers, Please come join us!
    Z3/Ms, Names, and Faces | 2013 edition
    (2010 edition)
    A modest request for the community....

    Z3 Image Galleries

    What did you buy your Z3 this week? (V3.0)
    Daily picture of your Z3 thread (V2.0)
    Coupe spotting thread (V2.0)

    Lets see what your Z3 calls home (garages)

    Z3/M Roadster Picture Gallery

    Z3/M Coupe Picture Gallery

    Z3/M Exhaust & Exhaust Clip Gallery

    Original Z3/M Coupe Gallery Read-only
    Wheels, wheels, wheels Gallery Read-only
    Stereo Installation Gallery Read-only

    What did you buy your Z3 this week? (V2.0) Read-only

    Prospective Buyer Research

    General Info
    BMW M Registry - FAQ E36/8 M coupe
    BMW M Registry - FAQ E36/7 M roadster

    Bimmerforums Z3 classifieds
    Bimmerforums Cars for sale 3 series/Z3
    M Coupe Buyers Guide - Sale Listings
    M Roadster Buyers Guide - Sale Listings
    Z3 Coupe Buyers Guide - Sale Listings

    Major Repairs and Expenses
    The definitive subframe strategy thread
    S54 rod bearing service
    Finding a solution to the BMW S54 rod bearing failure
    DIY: S54 VANOS hub and bolts
    S52 oil pump nut
    Maintenance cost M54 Z3 Coupe vs. S52 M Coupe

    BMW VIN Decoder (Alternates: One Two Three)
    BMW M Database
    M Coupe Buyers Guide
    M Roadster Buyers Guide
    Z3 Coupe Buyers Guide

    Car Wash and Detailing
    Rejuvenated Headlights
    I had good luck with Mothers Headlight Restoration Kit
    Leatherique anyone?
    Cleaning interior plastic
    Can't clean my wheels!!
    Headlights polished

    Stated value policies and establishing value
    M Coupe owners - How do you insure your car?
    Insurance: The reason for the right coverage
    Who will insure a Z3M as the only car with unlimited mileage & agreed value?
    Insurance while in storage

    Z3 Meets and Events

    Z3 Technical Information (Coupe, Roadster, M and non-M variants)

    Accessory Drive Belts (accessory belts serpentine belts fan belts)
    DIY: S52 M Coupe - Drive Belt and A/C Belt Replacement without Fan Removal

    Active Stability Control (ASC) (traction control)
    See Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)

    Aerodynamics( widebody wide body spoiler wing rear splitter front hood carbon fiber fiberglass splitter diffuser canard )
    Aerodynamic parts lesson, including nomenclature
    Diffuser install, helpful tips inside!
    Any Hamann rear diffuser owners here? ( Hamman Hammann Haman )
    Coupe rear deck spoiler
    Replica Z3 Coupe Hatch Spoilers Now Available
    Replica Z3 Coupe Hatch Spoilers Available Soon
    Motion Motorsport - Z3 6cyl (non-M) Underpanel Pre-Order Group Buy Thread!
    Original Rieger Infinity Lip
    OEM Aerotech Bumper used to create Ram Air System to feed CSL Intake on 3.4L
    Please tell me what the small piece of plastic that hangs under my car is
    Whose got opinions on "Aero Ducts"?

    Air Conditioning System ( HVAC air con R134 R134A A/C )
    Replacing Compressor/Drier
    AC Not cooling enough
    AC Compressor failure
    AC Replacing expansion valve
    AC O-Rings confusion..
    AC Troubleshooting to cooling system issues
    AC System questions
    AC Fixed
    AC Button broken down and rebuilt (round button)
    AC Recirculate switch is cracked and broken
    AC Controls

    Alarm ( key fob lock unlock )
    Also see Keyless Entry
    The Ultimate US OEM keyless/alarm thread

    Alternator ( alt )
    S52 Alternator information
    S52 Alternator Bosch vs. Valeo differences

    Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) ( anti-locking brake system anti-lock anti lock locking anti-locking )
    Newbie to BMW and the Z3 ( DSC EML Brake traction control lights light )

    Audio (General) ( in car entertainment ICE speakers sound music )
    Also see Audio Amplifier | Audio CD Changer | Audio Head Unit | Audio Interfaces | Audio Speakers | Radio Antenna
    Second Z3M Coupe install, stealthy this time
    Speaker upgrade (bluetooth mic mounting )
    Best route for RCA cables

    Audio Amplifier ( amp )
    Speaker upgrade

    Audio CD Changer ( 6CD changer disc disk )
    Where does it mount?
    Z3 Coupe CD Changer power hook up for Grom USB Interface

    Audio Head Unit ( receiver deck radio code stereo code antenna )

    Radio Programming Mode

    Audio Interfaces ( GROM MediaBridge bluetooth streaming Blitz aux aux-in)
    GROM question
    Just installed the MediaBridge
    Z3 Coupe CD Changer power hook up for Grom USB Interface
    GROM USB2P stays on...
    GROM AND2 trunk installation issue - Any help appreciated

    Audio Speakers ( tweeters subwoofers component speakers full-range full range )
    BSW Stage 1 Install on 2000 M Coupe
    Kicker Sub in Stock Enclosure
    Speaker upgrade
    Largest speakers in kick panels?
    How to inspect/remove speakers?
    M Coupe rear roof speakers
    M Roadster 2000: replacing the subwoofer

    Automatic Transmission Fluid ( auto tranny fluid torque converter fluid ATF )
    Dexron VI for 2000 Z3 auto transmission

    Blend Door ( HVAC temp control temperature blending sticking stuck knob control )
    Z3 problem temp control issue
    Heater control frustration
    What just happened?
    Blend door
    Temperature control knob stuck on cold
    Help with temp control arm

    Battery ( H6 Group 48 )
    Battery recommendations
    Dead battery estoril blues
    Which battery
    Battery recommendations please
    Replacement battery for 2002 M Coupe
    Optima Red Top battery
    BMW AGM battery or Lithium battery?
    Are we suppossed to be checking water levels?
    What is the part number for #8 in this diagram?

    Battery Chargers (battery charging charger tender tenders tending )
    Does anyone use a battery tender with their Z3?

    Body Repair Work ( bodyshop shop PDR paintless dent removal accident repair paint clear coat body panel alignment gap gaps fitment )
    Also see Hood (Mechanical) | Mirrors | Door | Paint Colors
    Saving one from the junkyard
    Bought a salvage M Roadster yesterday
    Wrecked my dream car. Restore? Total? Need advice
    Fender bender, body work in my future, looking for body panels and advice
    How to remove roundel from gills
    Sideswiped, door damage
    Dented from inside of hood. Need pro advice
    Shave corner lights, bumper adjustments
    Rattle can spot repair tutorial. Boston Green M Coupe
    C Pillar Trim Attachment
    Correct M badge placement on M Coupe
    How to remove front and side marker lights
    What happens when insurance doesn't fix your car to your satisfaction
    Last of the Hoods?
    Torx bit size for rear bumper support
    Need glue suggestion for side badge

    Brakes (General) ( calipers fluid pedal shaking )
    BMW E36 replacing brake pads and rotors
    Brake bleeding
    Brake bleeder
    Brake bleed DIY with DSC
    RallyRoad brake upgrade
    Stock M brake clearances

    Brake, Parking ( parking brake emergency e brakes e-brakes cable emergency brake cables e-brake cables)
    Replacing parking brake cable
    Adjusting parking brake

    Brake Calipers
    Rebuilding calipers, tips & diy
    Z3M Caliper rebuild
    Are E36 M3 and Z3M calipers the same?

    Brake Cooling Ducts ( brake ducts brake ducting brake cooling rotor cooling ducts brake rotor ducts )
    Control arm brake cooling ducts for the Z3
    M Coupe brake duct cooling?

    Brake Lines (Hydraulic) ( braided stainless steel brake lines ss brake lines hydraulic brake lines brake hard lines stainless steel brake hoses )
    SS brake lines help
    SS braided brake hoses worthwhile?
    Brake line kit?
    StopTech SS lines for the Z3

    Brake Master Cylinder ( master cyl brake fluid )
    Which brake master cylinder brand to buy?

    Brake Pads ( friction material low dust ceramic track )
    Streetable brake pads
    Best brake pads for no dust?
    Dustless brake pads
    Low dust brake pads?
    New brakes and rotors
    Axxis break pad questions
    Rotors and pads
    Brake shims
    Best street pad for occasional track use?
    Street/Track brake pad recommendations

    Brake Pedal ( soft brake pedal bushings )
    Brake light switch replacement

    Brake Rotors ( brake discs brake disks )
    Warped brake discs and other myths
    How to properly install rotors
    Slotted vs. Drilled rotors
    Drilled rotors
    How to obtain Euro E36 M3 floating rotorsS?
    Track rotors
    Centric rotors
    Z3M front disk
    Brake rotors and pads

    Brake Shoes, Parking ( parking brake pads e-brake pads )
    Replaced e-brake pads, need some help

    Bumper Cover, Front ( front bumper cover front bumper grille center grille lower grille valence )
    Also see Fog Lights
    Shave corner lights, bumper adjustments
    How to replace bumper center grill
    Mesh in front bumper?
    Lower grill options
    Honeycomb Grill will it fit an M bumper
    A few idle hours result in a mesh grille on M Coupe

    Bumper Cover, Rear ( rear bumper cover )
    Torx bit size for rear bumper support?

    Cabin Air Filter ( unicorns leprachauns santa claus )
    Where is the cabin filter

    Camshaft Position Sensors ( camshaft angle sensors cam position sensors cam angle sensors camshaft sensors cam sensors CMP CAS CPS )
    Camshaft position sensor
    Code P0340 CPS

    Camshafts ( cams )
    Also see Mechanical Timing
    Tested: S52 vs. M50 manifold on the S52
    Tested: S52 vs. M50 manifold E36 M3 forum discussion thread
    Tested: S52 vs. M50 manifold Z3 forum discussion thread
    How to rotate a cam
    Camshaft replacement

    Catalytic Converters ( cats )
    What are our cat replacement options

    Center Support Bearing ( csb central center driveshaft bearing drive shaft bearing drive-shaft bearing )
    Center support bearing
    Driveshaft clunking

    Chassis ( unibody structure structural rigidity torsional rigidity structural stiffness torsional stiffness )
    Also see Roll Bars | Suspension (General) | Subframe, Rear
    Torsional rigidity, humor me
    Someone make us this
    Strong Strut body/rear brace
    Our subframes are uneven

    Check Engine Light (CEL)
    Also see Service Interval Lights (SIL) | Service Engine Soon (SES) | Engine Maintenance Soon (EMS)
    Check engine light
    Reset CEL without the tool
    O2 sensor code (adaptation limit bank 2)

    Cigarette Lighter ( aux 12v auxiliary power supply )
    How to remove cig lighter

    Clutch Assembly (General) ( clutch disc clutch disk pressure plate flywheel throw out bearing throw-out bearing tob friction disc )
    Also see Clutch Disc | Clutch Delay Valve (CDV), Hydraulic Clutch Line, and Similar Mechanisms | Pressure Plate | Flywheel
    Comprehensive clutch/flywheel DIY
    How to: Replace your Z3 clutch
    Pelican Technical Article: 3-Series clutch replacement
    Z3 M Coupe clutch and lightweight flywheel options
    M Coupe max clutch life
    Clutch and Lightweight Flywheel
    Metal or plastic throwout bearing? Grease or no grease

    Clutch Delay Valve (CDV), Hydraulic Clutch Line, and Similar Mechanisms ( aftermarket hydraulic clutch hose)
    Clutch Delay Valve compilation (CDV delete)
    DIY: CDV delete for M Coupe/Roadster
    Fun with Clutch Lines!
    CDV delete *how to get the damn flange nut off!*
    Seaking info on cdv for write-up
    Clutch delay valve
    CDV Delete
    CDV Woes...2001 Z3 2.5i Confusion...
    UUC Clutch line install Question
    DIY on fixing clutch switch delay on M52TUs
    Replace & bleed clutch fluid
    Idiot of the Month club...
    Them Z3 woes
    Stainless clutch line?
    Is this the correct clutch line
    So I replaced my M roadster clutch line today
    M Roadster clutch friction point
    E36 #714 CDV-delete clutch hose failed within a year.

    Clutch Disc (clutch disk)
    Also see Clutch Assembly (General) | Pressure Plate | Flywheel
    Where Can I Find a Clutch Replacement DIY Link

    Clutch Pedal
    Clutch Pedal adjustment?
    Clutch squeak has gotten worse
    Clutch Pedal Bushings Install
    Clutch pedal "sticks"/"pops"
    So a Squeek Started...

    Clutch Slave Cylinder
    Slave Cylinder Push Rod Lost in Bell Housing
    So I replaced my M roadster clutch line today

    Clutch Stop
    Home made clutch stops rule!!
    So, it's not just the welds on the subframe that suck...

    Coin Holder (interior coin holder interior change holder)
    Coin holder - coins get stuck

    Crankcase Ventilation System (CCV) (pcv positive crankcase ventilation system crank-case ventilation crank case ventilation)
    Crankcase Ventilation Explained - N/A Edition *
    Automotive Crankcase Ventilation Systems Diagram PCV *
    Crank Case Ventilation *
    Blow-by and Breather Systems *
    CCV Failure or Not? Need ure ADVICE
    Oil Pressure - EVAP Leak

    Cruise Control
    I hate working under the dash....

    Dashboard (dash)
    Z3 Cracked Front Dash by Windshield
    Alcantara Dash/Console and Updated Exterior Shots

    Dashboard and Console Gauges and Controls (OEM Style Clusters) (OEM gauge cluster dash gauges HVAC controls highly integrated aftermarket gauges)
    Also see Gauges | Cigarette Lighter

    Diagnostics (General) (INPA computer coding modules module NCS NCSexpert VAG KKL WinKFP Tool32 EDIABAS NCSDummy)
    Z3 diagnostics thread

    Differential Fluid
    (rear differential fluid rear diff fluid)
    E36 Differential fluid change article *
    School a Redline/Motul guy on Amsoil fluids.
    Which Oil (tranny & diff)

    Differential, Rear (Mechanical) (rear differential rear diff lsd limited slip torsen clutch viscous helical final drive open differential)
    Also see Half Shafts
    The E36 Diff Thread (E36 subforum)
    Differential Question?
    DIY Guide: Z3 Differential Removal & Installation
    DIY Guide: Z3 Differential Cover Removal & Installation
    Who rebuilds diffs? (Forced Induction subforum)
    Used E30 3.73 LS Diff Install for M Coupe--Pix + Notes
    Hot tip for doing a differential swap from an E30 into a non-M Z3 that I've been meaning to put up for a while....
    Helical LSD vs Clutch LSD
    Z3 3.0 differential -- torsen LSD, right?
    did any z3s get a LSD fromt he factory besides the Z3M?
    LSD question
    Differential cooling by Vac Motorsports
    Differential Leaking fluid
    Running 3.91 Final Drive - First Experiences
    Differential Cleaning
    Different differentials?
    Am I confusted, or is Bavarian Auto confused??
    Axle popped out of my diff (Track, Auto-X & Drag subforum)
    Differential output flange not staying in place
    Axle Coming Out of Differtial
    Will an E46 M3 diff work on an '01 M Coupe?
    Are half-shaft to diff flange bolts reusable?

    Diffuser, Rear (rear diffuser)
    diffuser install ...pretty obvious i know, but helpful tips inside!
    Any hamann rear diffuser owners here?

    Digital Motor Electronics (DME Engine Control Unit ECU flash tune tuning)
    The Z3 Diagnostics Thread: Instructions, Experiences, Discussions, Experimentation
    DIY MSS54 Tuning
    DME issues??
    Do all //M S52 have this sticker?
    Official End to is this "Tune" or Engine Software worth it?

    Disturbance Air Valve (emissions test MAF by-pass unmetered air test fuel trim test)
    What is this?

    Doors (General) (door glass windows retractable glass)
    Also see Door Panel | Door Locks | Mirrors, Door | Window Glass
    Z3 coupe windows dont go down all the way?
    What is missing?????
    Adjusting door latches and Coupe hatches, in case you are having issues
    Replacing sliders and greasing front door tracks
    Door window trim discontinued?
    Maybe Dumb Question But I Can't Find

    Door Locks (door handle)
    Lock cylinder is spinning in the door..
    Help me fix this lock cylinder
    WTF _ the drivers door lock just spins !
    Changing door locks/spinning lock cylinder
    Z3 Passenger Door Lock Actuator
    02 M Roadster door lock cylinder replacement link

    Door Panel (door card hockey stick door pull door handle)
    Z3 Door Hockeystick Install *
    DIY: Door panel disassembly/reassembly
    Door Panel "hockey stick" repaint--photos and instructions
    Interior door handle problem

    door pull fix.

    OEM Door Cards are Dumb

    Driveshaft (drive shaft)
    Also see Center Support Bearing | Flex Disc, Driveshaft
    Remanufactured Drive shaft?
    best place to get a drive shaft
    Driveshaft clunking!!!

    Duck Tail (OEM rear hatch spoiler)
    Also see Aerodynamics | Spoiler, Rear | Wing, Rear
    Replica Hatch Spoilers for Coupe now readily available !!!
    Replica Z3 Coupe Hatch Spoilers Available For Sale Soon !
    Is the rear spoiler for coupes really NLA?

    Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) (traction control yaw control)
    Also see Active Stability Control (ASC)
    Overly sensitive DSC
    Teves MK 20 DSC III (from 4/99 MZ3's) *
    DSC Light
    Newbie to BMW and the Z#
    2001+ owners with DSC - anyone running taller rear tires without issue?
    DSC & Brake Light
    Does DSC off really mean off?
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    Engine Air Filter (air filter)
    Also see Cabin Air Filter
    S54 Intake Filter Question...

    Engine Coolant System (water pump thermostat radiator hoses radiator fan delete fan clutch auxiliary fan electric fan antifreeze anti-freeze distilled water)
    Also see Heater Core
    M Roadster owners how do you check your coolant level?
    First time draining coolant - observations and questions
    99 Z3 Coupe - Engine Coolant Temperature
    Cooling System Rebuild. PICS! *
    An experiment in S52 cooling
    Current Radiator Recommendations?
    cooling system overhaul kit
    IMPORTANT: Two plastic cooling system parts that WILL break. *
    Water Pump and T-stat: S52
    S54 Water Pump Life?
    What's the second most common cause of 'no heat' in a Z3?
    Help please - heater only works at highway speeds
    Heater back!
    Do S52/Z3 heaters in general tend to be somewhat weak?
    1999 Z3 auxilliary fan fuse location
    Electric fan confusion
    electric engine fan issues - solved
    Upper radiator hose keep coming off
    Cooling System Mod/Upgrade?
    Orange, Pink, or Green Coolant?

    Engine Maintenance Soon (EMS)
    Also see Check Engine Light (CEL) | Service Interval Lights (SIL) | Service Engine Soon (SES)
    2002 Z3M - Engine Maintenance Soon Light

    Engine Mounts
    Engine Mounts Installed (finally)

    Engine Oil (General)
    Also see Engine Oil Coolers
    S54 oil recommend update since AUG 2013 for US market
    Does this suggest the S54 (and other M engines) do not require 10w-60?
    BMWUSA Oil Recommendations *
    Sooo, what brand and weight oil do you use?.......
    Wheres the sensor for oil temp / S54?
    Anybody use Mobil 1 0w-40?
    S52: What Engine Oil to use?
    another oil question
    Is this better? Full Synthetic motor oil with PurePlus™ Technology

    M Roadster. What kind of oil. My search confused the heck out of me. Please help

    Engine Oil Coolers (engine oil cooling heat exchangers)
    S52 Oil Cooling Options thread (newer version of thread below)
    S52 Oil Cooling Options thread (Sticky!) (Supplemental Info 1 2)
    VPD oil Cooler installed with pics ~!
    Zionsville Extra Capacity Oil Cooler does the trick on S54 Z3M
    S54 Oil filter housing/ oil cooler/ sensors
    Removing aux fan to install oil cooler
    Oil Cooler Thermostat - Necessary??? (Forced Induction subforum)
    Oil cooler cap
    What are your oil temps at?
    S54 Oil Cooler on S52

    Engine Oil Pump
    S52 oil pump nut

    Evaporative Control System (evap control system charcoal canister evaporator canister)
    Also see Fuel Filler Cap
    Anyone wise as to the ways of the evaportive control system?
    EVAP shut off valve?
    EVAP shut off valve stuck closed
    Evaporator canister

    EWS (anti-theft device)
    $116 Used Z3 DME EWS Bubbafett Workaround
    EWS all said it couldn't be Done!!!
    How to bypass your EWS II.

    Exhaust (General)
    Also see Exhaust Headers, Mufflers
    Stock exhaust set-up?
    Exhaust Video/Sound Clips - Consolidated
    Aftermarket Exhaust opinions for 02 M Roadster
    ANSA Exhaust Review (S52 MZ3)
    New 3.5" exhaust for my s-54 Z3M
    Exhaust cutout
    A Stromung delivery record?
    What's this exhaust weight/balancer called ?
    I Love Quad-Tip Exhausts! Non-M Design Idea Feedback

    Exhaust Headers
    Also see Exhaust General

    Flex Disc, Driveshaft (drive shaft flex disk giubo guibo cush drive hockey puck)
    Spelling Police - Giubo - not guibo
    Flex-Disc (Guibo) DIY
    Do I need a new flex disc?
    Guibo is TOAST!
    MZ3 Guibo....
    Flex Disc Replacement
    Had some vibration in 5th gear....
    WHY you need to be sure the guibo nuts/bolts are tight...

    Fluids and Lubricants (oil lubrication weight viscosity sheer)
    See Engine Oil, Manual Transmission Gear Oil, Automatic Transmission Fluid, Differential Fluid, Brake Fluid, Power Steering Fluid
    Fluid Changes on new to me Z3

    Flywheel (light weight flywheel light flywheel LWF)
    Also see Clutch Assembly (General), Clutch Disc, Pressure Plate
    What actually causes "lightweight flywheel noise" / "gear rattle" / "gear lash noise" *
    Not another fluids thread, really.
    Lightwight flywheel
    LWFW in 1.9 Z3
    Need help finding a clutch and flywheel
    S52 vs M52 flywheels

    Fog Lights (foglights fog lamps foglamps)
    Z3 fog lamp HID conversion
    DIY: Z3 Fog Light Glare Gaurd Removal
    Rear fog conversion

    Fuel Economy (fuel mileage fuel efficiency gas mileage mpg)
    s54 fuel economy
    surprising gas milage
    Sudden decrease in mpg?
    Z3///M people

    with lead feet please tell me if I'm getting terrible MPG

    Fuel Filler Cap (gas cap)
    Also see Evaporative Control System
    Gas Cap Replacement
    Locking gas cap replacement.
    Gas cap rubber seal - new number
    Attachment cord for fuel cap
    Your gas cap?

    Fuel Filler Door (gas filler door fuel door gas door)
    Little gas door stop
    What does this fuel cord thing do??
    Green button with gas pump in trunk
    Locking Fuel Door

    Fuel Filler Compartment Drain (fuel filler drain hole fuel filler drain tube)
    Drain hole in gas filler ?

    Fuel Filter
    Fuel Filter Replacement Advice on a 2002 MRoadster
    fuel filter advice
    What brand fuel filter to use?
    Fuel filter change

    Fuel Pump
    Fuel pump relay location

    Fuseable Link
    Fusable link Location

    Gaskets (engine gaskets head gaskets exhaust gaskets intake gaskets)
    S52 top end gaskets?

    Gauges (aftermarket gauges aftermarket gauge pods aftermarket gauge locations)
    Also see Dashboard and Console Gauges and Controls (OEM Style Clusters)
    Temp & Oil Press Gauge Install S-54
    Install VDO Oil Pressure Gauge in BMW Z3 M Coupe or M Roadster *
    Guage Pod Build

    Gills (fender gills fender grills side gills side grills grilles fender vents side vents)
    Genuinely Custom Gill Designs
    Lets light up the side gills on my '01 M coupe *
    glowing gills / lighted gills--detailed directions with photos (jump to info page *)
    The Official Aero Parts Discussion and Pic Thread
    How to remove roundel from gills?
    M gills
    Chromed Fender Vents...
    Z3 (E36/7, E36/8) Hamaan Side grill panel feeler

    Glovebox (glove box)
    BMW Z3 Droopy Glovebox *
    Stopping BMW Glovebox Rattles *
    I hate the Z3 glove box!!!
    Z3 E36/7 Glove Box Fix $20 shipped
    Glove box "quick and dirty fix ?
    Glove Box Rattle driving me nuts
    Glove box fix (Practically Free)

    Hard Top Roof (removable hard top hard-top fixed top fixed roof)
    Also see Retractable Roof
    Roll Call - Roadsters with Hard Tops....
    Hardtop for a z3
    Roadster owners with hardtops
    Homemade hardtop storage cart?
    Top-Hoist *
    Uninstalling Hardtop Mounting Kit
    Hamann hartop on order
    Very rare hardtop on German eBay
    Does hardtop car have different suspension?

    Harmonic Damper (harmonic balancer crank damper harmonic dampener)
    Also see Crank Pulley
    Harmonic Balancer Pulley....problem or paranoia

    Hatch, Rear (Electrical)
    Also see Hatch Glass Wiper and Washer | Lighting (General)
    Hatch wiring fix?

    Hatch, Rear (Mechanical) (rear hatch door)
    Also see Hatch Glass Wiper and Washer
    Fixing coupe trunk latch (56k beware)
    Adjusting door latches and Coupe hatches, in case you are having issues
    Has Anyone Replaced Their Rear Hatch Glass?

    Hatch Glass Wiper and Washer (rear windshield wiper washer rear hatch wiper washer rear glass wiper washer)
    Also see Windshield Washer System
    Rear Wiper Arm Removal *
    rear wiper remove ?
    Z3/M Coupe Rear Windshield Washer Leak
    Washer fluid not reaching rear wiper
    Ultimate 'water in the interior' thread

    Half Shafts (halfshafts axles)
    Axle popped out of my diff (Track, Auto-X & Drag subforum)
    Are half-shaft to diff flange bolts reusable?
    Differential output flange not staying in place
    Axle Coming Out of Differtial
    Diff Output Flange Problem and Solution - Hopefully
    Need Help = what is socket size for rear axle flang nut Z3M Coupe, or Special Tool ??

    Roadster/Coupe axles out of stock until end of July

    Headlights (exterior lighting headlamps head lights head lamps angel eyes halos)
    Also see Lighting (General)
    Headlight Removal
    How To: Open / disassemble your Z3 headlights. *
    Some headlight assembly questions
    Headlights polished
    Rejuvenated Headlights
    I had good luck with Mothers Headlight Restoration Kit
    Pics of this weekend's headlight restoration on Project Evil Roady

    Headliner Re-Covered and Re-Installed
    Headliner Removal DIY

    Heater Core (HVAC heat exchanger)
    Also see Engine Coolant System | Blend Door (HVAC Temperature Control)
    Heater core replacement
    Help please - heater only works at highway speeds

    Hood (Mechanical)
    Also see Windshield Washer System
    Broke my hood release
    opening HOOD with busted cable?
    Hood Problem
    Hood "gaps"
    Hood alignment help please
    Hood Stuck Closed, Again.
    Blasted Hood Release Cable Broke Getting the Hood open again Nightmare
    Stuck Hood
    Last of the Hoods?

    Hood, Carbon Fiber (carbon fiber hood carbon fibre hood lightweight hood)
    Also see Hood, Fiberglass
    RevoZport Carbon Fiber hood finally arrived......!

    Hood, Fiberglass (fiberglass hood lightweight hood)
    Also see Hood, Carbon Fiber

    Horns (car horns air horns)
    Replacement Horn - Install Question

    Ignition (Electromechanical)] (ignition coils)
    Also see Spark Plugs
    Ignition coils - how long do they last, should they last, and why do they fail?
    best ignition coils to buy?
    How to test coils?
    Need quick answer?

    1.9L Fogged Airbox *
    Step by step alternative airbox fogging - Dual intake - DIY with pictures
    The FOGG/FONG’ed 2.8 Cold Air Intake *

    Intake Manifolds (M50 intake manifold)
    Tested: S52 vs. M50 Manifold and the TMS Stage 2 & 3 Packages for the BMW E36 M3 *

    - TESTED: S52 v M50 Manifold (& TMS Stg 2&3) on E36 M3.
    (E36 M3 subforum)
    Tested S52 vs M50 manifold and TMS stage 2 & 3 packages
    M50 Manifold Conversion Adapter Kit (To install OBDI manifold on an M52/S52) *
    M50 Manifold Conversion *
    S52 with M50 intake manifold + Conforti CAI

    Interior (General)
    Also see Car Wash and Detailing | Dashboard and Console Gauges and Controls (OEM Style Clusters) | Gauges | Seats (Electrical) | Seats (Mechanical) | Seats (Upholstery) | Lighting (General) | Coin Holder | Glovebox | Headliner | Weather Proofing
    Z3 DIY - How to replace your entire interior
    Let's play a game... "Your perfect interior....:"
    Rattles and how to kill them
    Rattle reduction
    Restoring leather interior (Liquid Leather)
    Official Extended Leather Appreciation Thread
    Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is AWESOME!!!!!!!
    Experience with magic eraser?
    Restore steering wheel leather - hoooleeeeshiet
    Broken Console/Dash Plastic Tabs - Here's a Fix
    Where can I get a black center console surround?
    M Coupe interior refresh
    Cleaning Interior plastic
    Removing the top of the sub woofer cover.
    How do these b-pillar trim pieces come off? (solved)
    Remove roller blind Z3 M Coupe
    How to remove door sill properly
    Anyone know where to buy the caps for the three dash screws?
    Plastic parts color variability
    Just Used Plasti-Dip On My Console. The Wood Is Gone! Pictures Inside.
    Gray console paint rubbing off around window switches - any simple fixes?
    Rear Shock Mount Access Z3 Coupes without removing trim - sources
    Euro vs. US Glovebox Comparison

    Keyless Entry
    Also see Alarm
    The ULTIMATE US OEM Keyless/Alarm Thread
    Aftermarket security system with keyless entry
    My dog ate my key....
    ZKE-IV Module question (Arcy Sparky questions ITT)
    Can someone tell me which keys I have and what I am missing? keyless entry possible?

    Keys (ignition keys door keys trunk keys hatch keys glovebox keys)
    Can someone tell me which keys I have and what I am missing? keyless entry possible?
    Replacement Key - What is the real story?

    Lighting (General) (lights)
    Also see Dashboard and Console Gauges and Controls (OEM Style Clusters) | Headlights | Fog Lights | Tail Lights
    Complete Z3 light bulb application guide!
    Changing BMW Z3 to clear front indicators
    Changing BMW Z3 rear light clusters
    how to remove front and side marker lights.?
    Maybe Dumb Question But I Can't Find

    Manual Transmission (General) (tranny gearbox gear box shift pins)
    Also see Clutch Assembly (General) | Transmission Mounts | Manual Transmission Gear Oil | Manual Transmission Shift Linkage | Manual Transmission (Swaps)
    What transmission does the coupe use?
    How To: Remove / install your Z3 transmission. *
    How to: Service your transmission shift pins. *
    Shift Pin Service - Tools for sale
    Improvement to Shift Pin Tools
    Doing a clutch and shift pins, do I have everything covered I'll need/should replace?
    Manual tranny problems
    Transmission Woes
    Hard shifting questions and thoughts...
    Leaky tranny plug

    Manual Transmission (Swaps) (six speed transmission swap 6-speed tranny swap)
    E46 M3 6-speed swap into an M Coupe
    An in-depth guide to the 6 Speed swap
    6 speed vs 5 speed

    Manual Transmission Gear Oil (manual transmission fluid manual tranny fluid)
    Lets change the E36 manual transmission fluid *
    Change trans oil 5 speed
    Amsoil mtf. WOW
    Amsoil MTF WOW (new)
    Amsoil MTF
    AMSOIL Manual Synchromesh Transmission Fluid
    School a Redline/Motul guy on Amsoil fluids.
    Which Oil (tranny & diff)
    Should I change "Lifetime" transmission fluid? or is that a bad ide?
    Replace manual Tranny Fluid?

    to change manual transmission fluid.

    Leaky tranny plug

    Manual Transmission Shift Linkage (manual gear lever manual shift lever short throw shifter short throw shift kit)
    Ron Stygar Short Shift *
    '00 Z3M/R - Gearshift Selector Rod?
    Hard shifting questions and thoughts...

    Mechanical Timing
    Also see Camshafts
    How do you time an S52?

    Mirror, Rear View (rear view mirror center mirror rvm)
    Upgrading Your Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror *
    Mirror Problem
    center mirror issue
    Interior Rear View Mirror Failure
    mirror adapters for all Z3 models
    z3 mirror relocate adapter
    Rvm delete
    Edgeless Mirror -- great replacement for OEM/GM if you have Gary's ///Mirror Adapter

    Mirrors, Door (side view mirror)
    PSA / Instructional: Safe Door Mirror Removal
    Thinking of things unholy and might get banned

    Mud Flaps
    Rally Armor Mud Flaps on M Coupe?

    Also see Exhausts (General)
    FI Guys. What, if any, Muffler are you running?
    z3 exhaust mod
    Name that muffler

    See Engine Oil, Manual Transmission Gear Oil

    Owner's Manuals
    Also see Service Manuals
    M Roadster Owner's Manual???

    Paint Colors (body paint color codes exterior paint codes wheel colors)
    After 4 years I still have no idea what color my car is...

    Pressure Plate
    Also see Clutch Assembly (General), Clutch Disc, Flywheel
    Need tech help!!
    Clutch squeak has gotten worse

    Racing Stripes
    Racing stripes
    Racing stripes...yay or nay
    Racing stripes ?

    Radio Antenna
    Antenna base

    Rain Channels (roof rain gutters roof channels roof gutters roof water channels roof ledge roofledge)
    Dohickey for the Coupe roof - PN if known?

    Ram Air (ram air intake forced air intake)
    OEM Aerotech Bumper used to create Ram Air System to feed CSL Intake on 3.4L

    Retractable Roof (retractable top convertible top soft top cabriolet roadster top folding top folding roof)
    Also see Hard Top Roof
    How to: Replace your Z3 roadster soft top. *
    Just ordered a replacement soft top
    Top DIY'rs Sound Off
    It's now a crisis. I need a new top. What do I need to know?
    Which replacement convertible top?
    New top ?
    Top seam repair *
    Seam around rear window
    if your roadster has a leaking roof
    Replacement Rear Window Installation
    roadster rear window install - lessons learned
    Emiata rear window
    Rear Plastic Window Cracked
    Unpleasant surprise
    New rear window: OEM or aftermarket?
    Rear Zip In Window for 2001 Z3, recommendations?
    glass rear window mod in a soft-top roady??
    Top up or
    Extraneous Springs in soft top...can I get rid of these
    Help me diagnose my convertible top problems?

    Rod Bearings (rod bearings S54 service bulletin recall)
    Finding a Real Solution to the BMW S54 Rod Bearing Failure *
    S-54 rod bearing service...
    S54 guys--- Pelican Parts vs. VAC Rod Bearings?
    Big day - Getting the rod bearings done on my Z3MC
    S54 Bearing Recall - New Info

    Roll Bars, Roll Cages (roadster roll over protection roll hoops)
    Also see Chassis
    Roll cages Vorshlag
    My roll hoop retrofit
    Roll bar question
    Custom Roll Bar for a 97 Z3 *
    M Roadster Roll Bar Options?
    M Coupe roll bar + subframe reinforcement

    Roof Rack (luggage rack bike rack ski rack snowboard rack)
    M-Coupe Bike Racks. What's available? And post pics of yours!
    Roof rack for 2000 Z3 Coupe 2.8
    Ski/snowboard rack for an M Coupe?
    Hauling tires to the track!
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    Seat Belts
    Seats (Upholstery)
    seat belt clasp button

    Seats (Electrical) (heated seats seat heaters occupant sensors occupancy sensors seat belt pretensioners)
    Also see Seats (Mechanical) | Seats (Upholstery)
    Heated Seats question
    connecting heated seats elements: soldering?
    What is this seat part?

    Seats (Mechanical) (seats driver seat passenger seat driver's seat passenger's seat)
    (seat rails seat rail seat mounts seat mounting)
    Also see Seats (Electrical) | Seats (Upholstery)
    Recaro Pole Position, homologation pulled -- owners should read!
    WARNING: Behind seat foam removal
    Seat Frame Sqeak / Dissassembly
    Z3 Seat Swap DIY--early seats into newer car
    Electric seat won't move up or down
    Seat issue with M-Coupe.
    Will these seats fit?
    All you tall M coupe owners
    Would these seats swap out fairly easily?
    Remove stuck seat?
    are the seats that bad?
    Seatbelt Bolt Question....

    Seats (Upholstery) (seats driver seat passenger seat driver's seat passenger's seat)
    (seat covers seat cover seat belt guides seat cushions seat tear torn seat seat wear side bolster wear)
    Also see Seats (Electrical) | Seats (Mechanical)
    Opinions on how to repair seat bolster
    What is this seat part?
    New leather for seats
    Replacement Leather for Sport Seats Now Available
    [how to] Z3 seat re-upholstery homemade
    Restoring leather interior (Liquid Leather)
    Special Edition Car
    Seat dye project- pics inside
    Finished my seat recovering upgrade
    I had my seats recovered
    New red alcantara seats

    Secondary Air Pump (secondary air system SAP SAS)
    secondary air pump?
    Secondary air pump always running
    secondary air pump simulator (SAP sim), plug & play, *no wire splicing*
    Spotted the source of this obnoxious noise I've been hearing on and off...

    Secondary Restraint System (SRS) (airbags air bags seat belt tensioner seat belt pretensioner)
    Takata’s airbag problems..... are we going to blow up....????
    airbag replacement question
    Cheap SRS Reset Tool.. Ebay B800
    PSA for people with inexplicable SRS warning lights.
    Sensor Occupancy Matt Sensor Cheat!!!
    urg airbag light!
    Weird Airbag light issue.

    code goodness

    How To: Remove your airbag decals.

    Service Engine Soon (SES)
    Also see Check Engine Light (CEL) | Service Interval Lights (SIL) | Engine Maintenance Soon (EMS)

    Service Interval Lights (SIL)
    Also see Check Engine Light (CEL) | Service Engine Soon (SES) | Engine Maintenance Soon (EMS)
    Reset *check Engine* Lite With Out The Tool! (Post #1)
    Subject: Lets reset the service interval lights *

    Service Manuals (factory service manual bentley manual chilton manual haynes manual technical information sheets technical info sheets TIS)
    Also see Owner's Manuals
    BMW Workshop Manuals *
    BMW TIS Online (All models)
    BMW TIS on spaghetticoder GONE
    Has this been posted before?
    TIS documenten BMW Z3 * (As of 2015-06-08 this site seems to be down.)

    Smells (interior smell)
    crayon scented coupe?
    M coupe "smell"

    Spark Plugs
    NGK Spark Plug Part Number to Stock Number *
    NGK Part Number Key * (2nd source *)
    Extreme MotorSports SD® officially presents the unofficial ultimate Spark Plug Thread
    1.9L spark plugs and such *
    NGK BKR6EIX - 1.9L What's the gap supposed to be?
    Spark plugs for just driving around
    Z3 Changing Spark Plugs
    Spark Plugs

    Spats (rock guards stone guards rear fender guards)
    Where to buy black rear fender rock protection guards?
    Plasti dip stone guards
    Total Noob Question
    M coupes with vents on rear fenderss?
    Damn stoneguards.
    What are and where to get these
    Rear flare/rocker "guards/protection"..I need a new set

    Splitter, Front (front splitters winglets flippers brake ducts)
    Original Rieger Infinity Lip

    Spoiler, Rear (OEM rear spoiler rear deck spoiler)
    Also see Aerodynamics
    Coupe rear deck spoiler
    Replica Hatch Spoilers for Coupe now readily available !!!
    Replica Z3 Coupe Hatch Spoilers Available For Sale Soon !
    Coupe OEM Rear Spoiler Removal: HOW??????

    Sport Mode (electronic throttle mapping)
    *SPORT MODE 'clean install'*

    Starter Motor
    DIY: Starter removal 96 Z3 in mins

    Steering (Hydraulic Assist) (hydraulic power steering assist hydraulic power steering system)
    Also see Steering (General)
    Remove Hydraulic Steering assist on s54
    Damn powersteering hoses!

    Steering (General) (steering column steering rack boots tie rod ends)
    Also see Steering (Hydraulic Assist) | Steering Wheel
    DIY: Front Control Arms, Bushings, and Tie Rods *
    One of my favorite mods...
    Replacing lower steering column - worthwhile, but a bear
    Lower steering column bearing or bush.
    Z3 Steering coupler
    Help Needed: Steering shaft flexible coupling

    Steering Wheel
    The most in-depth Z3 Sparco Steering Wheel Install
    Wheel covers?
    Its all about girth right? Z4M wheel installed
    Another happy shepott steering wheel customer
    Steering Wheel replacement options?
    Steering Wheel swap complete
    steering wheel swap
    Custom wrapped steering wheel
    Steering wheel squeak FIXED... Writeup w/pics

    Storage (aftermarket storage cubby)
    mounting clips for trunk storage system

    Struts, Hatch (rear hatch struts rear trunk struts)
    Trunk & hood struts replaced. (hatch)

    Struts, Hood (front hood struts front clamshell struts)
    Trunk & hood struts replaced. (hatch)

    Struts, Trunk (rear trunk struts rear trunk lid lift support)
    98 Z3 - Trunk Lid Lift Support

    Subframe, Rear (rear subframe rear sub-frame rear sub frame trunk floor)

    Sun Roof (sunroof moon roof)
    Anyone elses sunroof switch falling out of the headliner?
    Coupe sunroof delete?
    Anyone ever convert their Coupe from sunroof to non-sunroof?
    Sunroof will not open

    Sun Visors
    How To: Remove your airbag decals.

    Suspension (General)
    Also see Suspension, Front | Suspension, Rear | Tires | Wheels
    The Big Book of Suspension Installation *
    E36 M Roadster Full Suspension Upgrade *
    Ground control suspension questions
    TC Kline D/A coilover refresh - or - fixing suspension noises
    Need suspension component recommendation!
    Suspension Upgrade - a few questions so I'm clear...
    Suspension Compatible?
    E30 Effective Wheel Rates *
    Spring rate theory and application regarding our abnormal chassis.
    Effective spring rates
    Shocks question - don't seem to see this in the manifesto
    Replacing shocks
    SENSEN shocks
    Someone make us this:
    M roadster shock replacement?

    Suspension, Front (front suspension)
    Also see Wheels, Tires

    Suspension, Rear (rear suspension)
    Also see Wheels, Tires, Subframe, Rear

    Tail Lights (exterior lighting taillights taillamps tail lamps brake lights stoplamps stop lamps reverse lights)
    Z3 Taillight Help?
    Where is tail light fuse?
    Coupe 3rd brake light help, tried search
    Converting your coupe's brake light to LED! (pics + writeup)
    HOW TO: BMW Z3 (pre-facelift) 3rd brake light gasket replacement
    Tail light gasket replacement
    Clear third stoplamp for the M Roadster?
    I hate working under the dash....

    Throttle Body (throttle bodies TBs big bore throttle body BBTB)
    The Full throttle body cleaning write up.
    Big Bore Throttle Body (BBTB) Comparison - Stock vs. Dinan vs. Riot Racing w/ Pics!! (E36 M3 subform)
    Big Bore Throttle Body Impressions
    *SPORT MODE 'clean install'*

    Tires (General) (tyres)
    What is the widest tires you can fit on stock M Coupe wheels?
    Question about wider tires on roadstars? Ignoring manufacturer's recommendation?
    Too Much Tire . . .
    DOT legal tire options for 295-35-17 size? Rare tire size talk.
    245s all around on a M? Anyone try it for track?
    Considering a square setup for S52 M Coupe
    Dunlop Direzza Z2 wider than other tires?

    Tires, Front
    Aggressive front wheel/tire fitment; Whatcha got?
    275/40-17 with 17x9.5 in the front - impossible or just crazy?
    Max width of tires on a Non M Z3?
    What steer tires is everyone running on their M Roadies and Coupes?
    Tires Fitment Question

    Tires, Rear
    HELP with tire sizes for the rear
    315/35/17 !!!
    Too much tire?
    Whoa.. whole new car with just 2 new tires
    DOT legal tire options for 295-35-17 size? Rare tire size talk.

    Traffic Pro
    Traffic Pro Users Page *
    Traffic Pro w/ Bluetooth Cell Phone Kit

    Transmission Mounts (tranny mounts)
    Also see Manual Transmission (General), Engine Mounts
    Transmission Mount DIY
    UUC Tranny Mounts & UUC FCAB's Installed (finally)
    UCC bolt through racing trans mounts

    Valve Adjustment
    Also see Valve Shims
    Reccomend everyone to do their own valve adjustment

    Valve Shims
    From M3Forum: Inexpensive Valve Shims Sourced - WiseCo VSK4
    Got my first $54 $hock today .....

    Variable Nockenwellensteuerung (VANOS)
    (single VANOS dual VANOS double VANOS variable valve timing variable valve phasing)
    Also see Tool Rentals
    Beisan Systems - VANOS Solutions - Repair Procedures *
    About to rebuild a VANOS - any special warnings?
    DIY: S54 VANOS Hub + Bolts (
    Dual Vanos service/repair
    My VANOS Repair
    Vanos repair cost
    VANOS - do I need the special timing tool?
    Vanos break in?
    new vanos issue

    Weather Proofing (water intrusion weather stripping dampness musty moldy)
    Ultimate 'water in the interior' thread
    Water leaks
    '00 Z3M/R - Water under drivers seat carpet?
    Roadster Trunk leak?
    Windshield / Wipe cowl fitment HELP!!
    Water in tail lights
    Door window trim discontinued?
    Water In The Rear Quarter
    Leaky top by window post
    Drip, drip, drip

    Wheel Bearings
    Front Wheel Bearings
    Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement
    DIY Rear Wheel Bearings?
    Front Wheel Bearing Replacement - Innner Race Stuck

    Wheel Bolts (lug bolts)
    Also see Wheel Studs

    Wheel Locks
    Wheel locks
    Strage Wheel Lock, need help!

    Wheel Spacers
    Our wheel spacer options (all inclusive).
    Imperfect Spacers
    25mm spacer with studs (not DRA type)
    Thickest rear wheel spacers safe to use?
    Wheel spacer search
    Wheel spacer before and after
    Wheel spacer advice
    M Coupe Spacers Sizing

    Wheel Studs (lug nuts)
    Also see Wheel Bolts
    Our Wheel Stud Options (mostly inclusive)
    Let's talk wheel studs
    What would you recommend
    New Tires/ Spacing for MCoupe

    Wheels (General)

    (monoblock modular 2-piece 3-piece barrels lips centers spokes rims)
    All BMW wheel styles *
    New Roadstars
    Wheels, wheels, wheels..........
    Wheel Offset Sticky Discussion and Wheel Fitment Questions.....
    Stock M brake clearances (for wheel purchases).
    Offset guys, come forward. Need little help here
    Roadstar Wheels: Do you like them?...
    For those who run stock wheels...
    Are You A Wheel Whore? Show Us Your 3-Piece Wheels
    Well, i did it. I built 3 piece custom roadstars.
    Well, I am doing it......Building Custom 3 piece Roadstars
    Apt. 9 Wheels is the truth. Panasport C8-17 (G7-C8S) content inside.
    Photos: 2002 S54 M Coupe | Stahlgrau on 18” Livery Dromos
    Wide wheel setup: Please confirm my fitment calculation
    My Dinan/Fikse small-bore 18" wheel build thread
    Post your wheels/booty shots ... aftermarket or deep dish wheels?
    17" Front and 18" Rear wheels on a Roady...anyone done it?
    Z3 - RDSport + Style 5s = CLASSIC
    Is it possible to field install a tire on a modular wheel?
    The Definitive Guide to Selling, Packaging & Shipping Your Wheels, Rims and Tires *
    Cheapest way to ship mounted wheels and tires?
    Polished Aluminum Road Stars...from BMW???
    18x11.5 BBS RS mounted up, finally snapped some pics
    Beyern Wheels: A non-rhetorical question
    Livery Wheel - preview for Z3 owners
    Making of the Livery Delta - new wheels for the Coupe
    Wheel Story
    Steamrolling Whatever I see
    Any coupers have Enkei NT03-Ms?
    Fitted : Enkei NT03+M on M Coupe

    Wheels, Front (front wheels)
    Aggressive front wheel/tire fitment; Whatcha got?
    275/40-17 with 17x9.5 in the front - impossible or just crazy?
    Max width of tires on a Non M Z3?
    Wheel guys

    Wheels, Rear (rear wheels)

    Wide Body (wide body kits fender flares flared wheel arches)
    Wild Widebody M Coupe
    Tasteful MOD or... just Crazy talk??
    What Do You Know About This?
    Z3 Wide Body
    FS: Z3 Hood w/ Custom Flares - Estoril Blue
    Wide body - fact or myth?

    Window Glass (door glass windows retractable glass window regulator)
    Also see Doors (General), Door Panels
    Z3 coupe windows dont go down all the way?
    Window sliders replacement; DONE!
    Replacing sliders and greasing front door tracks
    Greased the window sliders- not much difference
    Window Slider Confusion
    96 E36 Z3 Windows don't work.
    Door window trim discontinued?
    Window Regulator Problem
    Replacing Window Regulator, Won't Go All The Way Up
    F###ing window regulator
    My spot welds finally popped...
    ZKE-IV Module question (Arcy Sparky questions ITT)

    Windscreen (wind deflector wind blocker)
    Finally installed my factory windscreen
    Anyone use this windblocker?
    Z3 wind deflector tenax question (yes, I searched)

    Windshield Glass
    Windshield glass replacement- how involved?
    Windshield Question

    Windshield Washer System
    Also see Hatch Glass Wiper and Washer | Windshield Wipers
    Windshield Washer Pump
    The windshield washer nozzles have heaters?
    Washer pump issues
    Request: part number / pic of the nut for the Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir

    washer sprayer leaking out of hole?

    Broken washer fluid lines
    Hose Claps (factory type) (Clic-R hose clamps)

    Windshield Wipers (windshield wiper blades windshield wiper arms)
    Also see Hatch Glass Wiper and Washer | Windshield Washer System
    Duh, changing wiper blade inserts..
    Z3 - Wiper blades
    Wiper removal

    Wing, Rear (rear wing rear roof wing)
    Also see Aerodynamics | Duck Tail | Spoiler, Rear
    Funtional (not pretty) Rear Wing on Coupe
    US Production ACS Replica Wings For Z3 Coupes!
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    Any chance of adding an engine swap DIY(ie s54 swap into non M z3, or s52 swap into a non M z3)?

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    Not sure of a lot of Z3 specific info out there for that, most information will be the same for the E36 depending on the year of the Z3

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    Quote Originally Posted by BimmerBreaker View Post
    Not sure of a lot of Z3 specific info out there for that, most information will be the same for the E36 depending on the year of the Z3
    Mine is a 99 with the m52TUb28

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    I will see what I can find as time permits, though time is very limited for me these days

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    Quote Originally Posted by BimmerBreaker View Post
    I will see what I can find as time permits, though time is very limited for me these days

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