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Thread: 07 Z4 Si Carpet keeps on sliding forward??

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    07 Z4 Si Carpet keeps on sliding forward??

    I have the OEM Z4 carpets in my car is there any way to keep them from sliding forward? There are no tabs, hooks or Velcro on the bottom of the top carpet of the top of the bottom carpet?


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    If you are talking about the carpeted floor mats then there should be two velcro disks about 2-3" in diameter screwed into the bottom carpet on both the driver's and passenger's side. This holds them in place. These disks came as part of the accessory floor mat kit.

    I had to buy the floor mats as an accessory when I got my Z4 as the previous owner had the BMW all-weather rubber mats. Ironically, those were held in by hooks that screwed into the bottom carpet.
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    I have the same problem, even though the removable mats have the circular velcro pads. There are two rectangular strips that are quite smooth on the chassis carpeting so the driver's side mat slides far too much. I will look into new OEM mats, hoping they'll stick better.

    I do not see any place for hooks, though if it were possible, I'd prefer them to the less than desired velcro thing.

    Or has anyone bought good replacement mats, say from Turner or Weathertech? This is for a 2007 3.0si Coupe.

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