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Thread: PLEASE READ - RE: Posting software / files / etc.

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    PLEASE READ - RE: Posting software / files / etc.

    BF.c wants to encourage our users to help each other, and sub-forums like this can be essential in getting the most out of your BMW. That said, please ensure any files, software, programs, etc. that your post OR LINK TO is a 100% legal copy and you have the rights to link to or distribute the content. When in doubt, don't post or find out.

    Linking to someone else's non-legitimate content is just as bad as posting it yourself.

    This kind of thing won't be tolerated. It threatens our continued ability to serve our members, and frankly it is wrong. Any content that is even questionable will be deleted and the user posting it can be subject to long-term time-outs or even having membership here revoked.

    We sincerely want to encourage our members to exchange ideas and help each other. Please ensure that you're doing it legally and ethically. Thanks!

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    Absolutely no reason for this

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