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Thread: Seat twist repair

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    Seat twist repair

    Well anyone who ever read my few fixes will realise I like to find the easiest way around any problem (whenever applicable). Today I decided it was time to fix my seat back twist and also the seat was not raising and lowering anymore. I unbolted and unhooked the seat so that I could access the motors. With an 8mm spanner I removed the bolts holding the cable down and got the cable out of the motor.
    To my surprise there was alot of wire exposed and all the articles I read stated that the insulated sheath needed to be cut. I didnt want to risk doing all that and mounting back the seat and it didnt work. Well here is the fun part....
    Place the cable inside a drill and tighten. Movin the drill clockwise sends the seat back and anti clockwise sends it forward. Dont go drilling too wildly because it may break something. I dont know but it seemed as though there is a point where the cable just stops spinning when it reaches the maximum point. Anyway, I bolted back down my seat and left the cables unhooked, sat down in the seat and drilled back and forth until I got the seat to the point I wanted it and it was straight and aligned properly. I could have probably removed the seat again to place the cables back into the motors but that was too much work (yes I am lazy). So I just hid the cables under the seat incase I wanted to adjust my seat in the future.
    Thats how I solved my seat twist torch to heat cutting of insulation....just a drill

    Any questions?? questions
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