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Thread: Flashback from the past... Motorweek review of 1986 325e and 635CSi

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    Flashback from the past... Motorweek review of 1986 325e and 635CSi

    Let me get this straight... You are swapping out parts designed by hundreds of engineers that get paid thousands of dollars for something you bought at Pep Boys because your buddy who doesn't have a job told you it was 'better'?!?

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    I didnt know they tested at pocono, thats not far from me. I had an 87 325e 4dr 5spd as one of my first cars. They arent fast in a straight line, but it was loads of fun in the turns. even managed 108whp as a 25 year old car.
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    That was a fun watch. I would love to have that e24 today, in that condition.

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