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Thread: E46 330i Automatic - M54B30 Turbo

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    Quote Originally Posted by vollosso View Post
    There was just zero access there between the inlet pipe or filter, compressor, and subframe. The coupler ended up being non-remove-able. It was nice as I could flex or rotate the pipe but it was basically permanent.

    Oh and at some point I clocked the turbo a bit and the coupler was touching the block and was even more permanent
    Thanks for the insight.

    I'll be sure to make sure it's accessible....

    Quote Originally Posted by Def View Post
    This can happen much MUCH quicker than that. If there’s a sharp bend on the inlet pipe right in front of the compressor, the total pressure distortion across the compressor face can make each blade flex a small amount during each revolution. At 150k+ RPM, you can go well into the billions of cycles in a relatively short time. Aluminum also has no endurance limit (plateau of fatigue strength), so it WILL eventually fail when subjected to cyclical loading.
    I'm going to assume that Forced Performance has engineered this part not to be a problem. The specific type of turbo that I'm using is mostly used in max-effort drag cars, and I've never heard of failure. Precision on the other hand.....

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    You'd be surprised at how many details small design houses miss...

    That said, the compressor distortion thing I mentioned is an installation controlled issue - doesn't have anything to do with the turbo design itself. (Compressor distortion is the change in pressure across the face of the compressor wheel, sharp turn before compressor = area of low pressure on one side, area of higher pressure on the other).

    I'm sure the turbo will be just fine, it's just interesting to me that two companies arrived at such different designs in a critical area for maximum stress. Just the stress analyst in me puzzling what drove them down such different paths.

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