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Thread: M70 mated with 5HP30

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank87 View Post
    Also, why would you want a 4HP22 on an M70?

    More feasible (and it has been done) is upgrading a 4hp22 to 4hp24 hardware and internals..
    Because it's for a Range Rover. 24 internals is of course a good idea, that's been documented a lot.

    The M70's DME(s) and the connections to the EML, CCM, Cluster (a lightbulb will send it into limp home...) etc have me riddled as all I really want to do is an incredibly dirty swap where the engine doesn't care about what car its in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wokke View Post
    A friend of mine is currently working on fitting a 5HP30 from an E38 (Steptronic) to his M70B54S engine. I guess in a few month we know how it all works.
    Wolf,,, do you know if it matters for the Electronic data guy ,, that if the car is E31 or E32 ? or is the baseline very similar between these cars with inboard ecu etc etc
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