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Thread: E36 M3 Track Car - S50 to LS1

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    Cage is fully welded in, but it looks like I need a diagonal of some sorts to tie into one of the rear down tubes, so i'm going to make an X and tie both rear tubes in. After this I need to paint the cage, which I am estimating 6-8 hours.

    Should have the rear diff and oil pan back from RevShift this week. Hoping to plop the engine and transmission back into the car by October! Making great progress. I really hope I didn't mess the wiring!

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    Any updates on this. In the middle of an ls1/t56 swap now and i am loving this thread.

    Curious to know your opinion on the ABS and booster delete. Long story short, i purchased a car from the original owner a few months ago. It hadn't been driven in 13 years. 4 legged creatures took care of the wiring. I ripped EVERY WIRE OUT. Figured since it was a dedicated track build i could toss all modules. Little did i know the ABS was standalone for the most part. O well, now all i have is a pump, no other parts of it left. I was really considering doing a CHASE BAY's booster delete and saying good bye to the ABS pump. However most people say i'm an idiot for considering that route.

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    Definitely not an idiot for considering these changes. A lot of track/racers delete the booster on the E36.
    It really depends on what you're using the car for, but because this is the autoX/track section, here goes.

    Research the ChaseBays booster delete. Most that have done a booster delete also add a proportioning valve, change pedal-to-master leverage ratio, and/or consider a different sized master-cylinder piston. Then there's the question of using one piston / 2 axles, or 1 piston / axle. (CB's is 1 piston / 2 axles). In other words IMO a booster delete is not a plug-and-play decision like CBs kit implies. Check out Massive Brakes (Lee) solutions.

    ABS or not, ABS will save you some tire flattening episodes. But the bottom line, with or w/o ABS the car requires a different technique at the braking limit (both threshold and trail). Either can work, either can be fun, either can be very fast. I do believe a very very good driver can out perform an E36 ABS system in a few circumstances. But not most HPDE drivers, and not all circumstances.

    Also, if your E36 has the 'travel position sensor' that's mounted to the booster, and connected to the ABS computer, I don't know of an easy 'fix' for that if you want to delete the booster and keep the original ABS system.

    If you've scrapped so much of the ABS system that you're past the point of no return, and want ABS, consider installing an MK60 system from an E46. Quite a few threads on here on how to do that. Mostly.

    Just some thoughts for ya.
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