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Thread: HOW TO: Reset Early Airbag/SRS light. No Special Tools!!!

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    This worked for me first time! very very very happy. SRS came on due to instrument cluster removal w/o battery disconnect and key turn on (i knew better but long story). followed these instructions using a button switch and wires - hardest part is keeping track of what you should be doing. FYI my car is a 1991 535i (E34, M30), US. Thanks for posting this!

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    I can verify that this procedure works on my 91 850i. I did some repairs on the gauge faces and triggered the srs light. I tried counting the seconds 4 times with no joy. Then I tried with a stopwatch and bingo, light went out. Timing is specific!!

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    The above procedure for re-setting the SRS light et cetera works on my 1992 325i e30 Cabriolet, Siemens module 5WK4 026 (BMW part number 65771382904). To reset the SRS light, I rigged wires from pins 1 and 6 in the diagnostic connector under the hood to where I was sitting in the driver's seat. I then installed a switch to connect and disconnect pins 1 and 6. I too used a stopwatch and was very precise when opening and shutting the switch. Counting aloud did not work.

    I can also read codes via the under the hood diagnostic connector (shorting pins 1 and 6) and watching the above-the-rearview mirror SRS light blink. See detailed instructions at .Like others said, for re-setting the SRS light et cetera one has to clear the cause of the fault first.

    I found that the reason I was getting codes, and the SRS light was lit, was that the 1992 BMW's airbag needed replacement. This causes code ""Driver's airbag power supply wire faulty." For this scenario, I used a dummy resistor and reset the SRS light using the following steps:
    -- Disconnect the battery.
    -- Remove the small cover on the bottom side of the steering column.
    -- Disconnect the airbag connector that is underneath the small cover.
    -- Purchase a resistor of 3.6 ohms, 1/4watt from a local electronics shop. I think other sizes between 2 ohms and 5 ohms will likely work as well.
    -- Install the resistor in the connector's female end. This fools the diagnostic module into thinking a working airbag is installed. It clears the fault the diagnostic module was seeing.
    -- Reset the codes using the procedure given in the first post of this thread.

    After the initial six second lamp test, the SRS light stays off. I am now shopping for a new airbag. Or I may try to take the old one apart (carefully) and see if there is anything obvious.

    Here's a writeup of my troubleshooting approach: . It does not use any of those expensive, special "BMW Special Tools."

    Great work, legoman67.
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    I am going to attempt this to clear my SRS light. I am an electrical novice so please forgive me. Unless there is a jumper somewhere I can buy, I figured I'd make one like some others have with a switch. What size are the pins?
    '91 850i 6spd
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    Just worked on a 92 525i. Thank you Legoman

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