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Thread: The Rules of the Road - **READ**

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    The Rules of the Road - **READ**

    As laid out here:

    Quote Originally Posted by Kevlar aka "The Hammer"
    Some people/users have a hard time understanding the rules of the road so here is a summarized version of our standard rules. This is a basic overview, some individual forums have additional rules which are stuck at the top of each forum as well, so you may want to stop and read those as well.

    * Respect one another ... we are grown adults.
    * Welcome newcomers ... be nice to the newbies.
    * Agree to Disagree ...
    * Don't attack each other ... learn to get along with others or learn how to ignore them (either way, no fighting)
    * No posts aimed at embarrassing, harassing, creating problems, belittling or otherwise designed to make others unwelcomed.
    * No commercial sales unless you are a supporting vendor or have received authorization.
    * Everything (content and images) must remain PG rated
    * No useless posting or wasting forum resources.
    * No linking to competitive sites
    * No linking to images on unapproved sites
    * No profanity or likeness thereof.
    * English... What you are typing must make sense, be readable and coherent. No internet speak or unintelligent text.
    * No Carfax requests

    If you want to expand on the above topics, see the rules page. If you seek clarification on any rule, ask in the board questions/suggestions forum.
    Ignorance of the rules isn't going to be a defense, nor is any variation of "He started it." It boils down to being respectful and thinking of this place as a community.

    Lastly, I know a lot of you snicker or bridle at the idea of the profanity rules. They are in place in support of the agreements with advertisers on this site (the reason the site exists). They are not flexible. I don't scan constantly for profanity, but don't be surprised if you get tagged for it. If you think that is harsh, I'm not (yet) to the point of enforcing it to this degree:

    I've left this thread open for comments if you have any questions about the rules or their interpretation. Please don't bother using it as an opportunity to gripe about them or how they are enforced. If you have concerns with a specific post/thread/member, please use the "Report" function or PM me or Skwisgaar. Thanks!
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    The heavier moderation is much needed IMO. This used to be a place where I came to read and learn about cars.... It hasn't felt like a car site for a couple of years now.
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