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Thread: B28 crank with what pistons. Need some help

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    B28 crank with what pistons. Need some help

    Okay. So I picked up a doner motor m52b28 that was supposed to be in good shape. After I Tore It down the walls were scored so it had to be bored out to clean up the walls. So my question is with a b28 crank and rods can I use a set of s50 or s52 pistons? From what I have read the S50 give a higher comp ratio then the s52. And also after I bore it out to s bore diamter the walls will be offely thin how much boost can it hold. And my other option is to just get some wiesco 8.5:1 and just go 20 over Ann used 84.5mm b28 oversized pistons. Any thoughts peeps?

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