I made my first purchase from UUC I and am completely satisfied with their level of customer care.

First off I would like to thank Rob and everyone else I talked to. You guys rock!

I recently began a partial restoration on my M3. As such, I was shopping around and planning my purchases out according to what I wanted. I finally settled on rear subframe bushings and adjustable rear camber arms from UUC.

I had heard great things about their products and decided to buy. They were running a sale on the subframe bushings and I called to see if they would do a military discount if I provided proof of service. They said yes with a 10% discount. Then they informed me that it wasn't needed as they were running a 3 day 15% discount on all items. Well, I said thank you and made it known I would make the purchase the following day online when my new bank card showed up.

Two days go by and still no bank card. I was kind of annoyed since the sale was ending and it had been 10 days since I ordered my new card. I called and had them resend me a new card over night. I call UUC back and to my surprise they said they would still give me the 15% discount even though it had expired since I had talked to them previously. I was amazed. I mean they had full rights to just say no and who could complain; but they didn't. After all it was only a three day sale and it was over. Plus, they had already told me police and public service members get a discount anyways.

They said they could take my order over the phone and I said yes. They informed me right away that the subframe bushings I wanted were on back order and even gave me a completion date of the new batch. I said that was fine and continued with my order. After my order I promptly received an invoice via email and they have continually updated me on the status of the parts I ordered.

Thanks again. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

- Phillip Nisius