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Thread: E66 Mystery

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    E66 Mystery

    I have a 2003 E66 760li and a mystery on my hands. I am an engineer by trade and always fix my own cars. But with this E66 i am a the end of my skill.
    Here is the how it started. At first it was running normally, then it started stalling. first once a week, then once a day, now several times per start. It would start rough, then normal out. As i drive it a minute later it would stall again. Once it is warmed up it runs normally. No loss of power or fuel efficiency.
    Not being able to fix this issue i send it to the BMW service. They claimed it was the fule tank pump, which they changed, but it did not fix the problem. (charged me for it though) then they claimed it was both of my High Pressure Fuel Pumps. Not believing them i took my car back.
    Since the visit to my BMW center i have another mystery on my hands. In order to acces the fuel tank pump they had to take it out. (they did something to my tank, and i would like to call it sabotage) Now when i fill up my gas it comes out and falls on the floor. The gas somehow goes into the Tank, then comes back through my Carbon capture tank, then the diagnostic pump, then the diagnostic pump air filter, in order to come out.
    What could they have done to make this happen? If i fill my gas slowly with frequent pauses, i can avoid wasting fuel.

    My question is has anybody experienced these problems?
    Why is it stall frequently only before it is warmed up?
    Why is the gas shoot out?

    Some data:
    2003 BMW E66 760Li
    Bought with 95,000 miles
    Now 110,000 miles

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    Just guessing, so for what its worth: They failed to hook up the gas vapor line (vent?) (or blocked / kinked the line).
    Did you clean the Mass Air Filter? I had similar problems (years ago on my E38). Good Luck.

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    I am New here and searching for posts related to what my issue is with my E66 and saw this one which is related to my issue. I know this is an old post but here is my 2 Cents.
    Check your Intake Boot; it may have a split in it causing Un-Metered air to flow into the engine thus causing your stalling issues. It is overlooked most often even by seasoned techs when investigating stalling issues.

    I would be interested to know how your's turned out.


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