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Thread: E46 Can bus project.

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    finally found that error. I was able to reproduce the problem at the table and found a faulty pointer in my receive funktion. This caused an overwrite of the memmory for the sendet can message, and for any case the controller deceidet to send the message with just the lenth of the received message.

    That means, i made it. I am now able to simulate all known signals from the DME. All error lamps in the kombi tuned off.

    Next step is that I will test my one time success more often and improve the code. Then I can start the mechanical swap of the engine.

    Best regards

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    Some excellent info in this thread, I've only made it a couple pages in. I hope to use some of this info and maybe contribute some of my own for swapping a 5.3L LS into my E38.
    2001 740i, Stahlblau, stripper model --> alloy 5.3L LS swap being planned

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