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Thread: Evaporator canister

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    Evaporator canister

    I got a check engine code P0446. Autozone said it could either be a blocked EVAP line or a faulty vent solenoid. Has anyone had this? I don't even know where the selenide is located or the cost. This is on a 98 M Roadster

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    They're almost right.

    Cause #1: aftermarket replacement gas cap that has a bad seal. A new one keyed to your VIN is $63 at your dealer.

    Cause #2: Your charcoal cannister needs to be replaced. $325 repair. Buy the cannister online, also buy the installation support bracket for it because you'll use a saws-all to get the old rusty one out (the bracket is an unjust $25). It's under the driver's side and should take about 15 minutes to replace.

    Cause #3: You might have gas that has managed to seep back down from the evap port on the gas tank and plugged it up. The only way to find that is to blow compressed air down it, or do a smoke test.

    What was wrong on my '98 M Roady was Cause #2. I cleared the check engine light and it's been off since.

    One of the kid's cars has an evap problem, but it's a cheap Pontiac and it has a solenoid that needs replacing...if I can reach it.

    I bought my parts from; Jordan has been easy to work with over the last couple of years. He had to order my bracket from Germany, so it took a few more days to get that item delivered.

    Let us know what the problem was once you fix it.
    2018 X4 M40i


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