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Thread: a bit of progress on the 323 baur...

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    a bit of progress on the 323 baur...

    well- since picking it up a couple of years ago, ive pretty much torn the car apart...

    started here:

    in photos, it looked great, but when i tore into the car, i found all sorts of stuff that needed attention, as with any old car. i dont fault the seller... im pretty sure he wasnt aware of the many issues.

    we ended up reworking the entire body, top to bottom, and respraying the car in satin black. in all, there are close to 200 hours of work in the body.

    i replaced the bbs airdam with the correct one for the car, sourced some NOS euro bumpers, and found a nice set of staggered rial mesh wheels.

    we also dropped in an m20b25, out of a late model e30.

    there's a full custom exhaust, h&r springs, some aftermarket sways (i cant remember the maker), single headlight conversion, and a bunch of other random goodies... the car came with a nice pile of hartge upgrades, whch ive retained, and will photograph when the car is closer to completion...

    this is how she's sitting now... only a few weeks away from being finished.

    more pics soon.

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    Looking good. I'm jealous.
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    All I can say is "WOW"!

    well done!

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    Nice work, Seth! Looking forward to seeing this one!

    I have posted the above on my blog:

    Also, I am in the process of putting together a HUGE Baur TC1 in the US page for my blog that will include ALL the history and pics that I have accumulated, scavenged and otherwise acquired over the past two years on EVERY US TC1 Baur that we have found, by Baur plate number.

    I have several pics of your car, Seth, including the two you posted today, but I can't seem to lay my hands on your Baur plate number. Can you please post it here, or PM it to me. This will enable me to put your Baur in proper numerical sequence to the rest.

    Just to give you an inkling.... I have stuff like this:

    Originally Posted by
    i recently acquired this great baur from a forum member, in trade for my M30 swapped E30 vert. after my vert was featured on i started getting bombarded with inquires, ...... Josh hit me up about a trade, and i took the car off the market... for this little beauty, and for some sanity.

    i got this"

    Remember that?

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    Visit my blog: Baurspotting

    BWR PWR!


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