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Thread: Professional RDS with IBus in E36-Series?

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    Professional RDS with IBus in E36-Series?

    Hi there,

    my name is Thomas. I'm from Bavaria, Germany, near the Grafenwöhr-Training-Area (maybe someone knows that little piece of earth )

    I've got a question, that nobody properly can answer me on the available german boards.

    I just received a BMW Professional RDS headunit for my '97 328i Coupe, and swapped my JVC KD-LHX552 out. Mounted and everthing is fine.

    Now some time ago i found out, that it is possible to mount those steering-wheel-buttons out of an E38/E39 to my MTech-Wheel. But what makes me curious is, that i've seen the guy converting it hooking up some wires to the "IBus-Cable" in his radio harness. I just checked and i dont have an IBus-Cable in my car (which does not surprise me, because i know that it was introduced with the E46 models). Do US-Models have this bus on the E36?

    So whats the deal on that? Can somebody explain it to me? I think it must be Pin 7 or 17 on the connector (which my manual refers both to be "unused" "Nicht belegt"). So do i need to repin those on my harness? And is my Professional RDS capable of IBus-Controlling? As fas as i found out my unit is a BE2450 which someone told me being unable to connect to an IBus-system. Someone on the other hand said it should work. Anyone into it?

    Thank you very much for you help.

    I really appreciate you board as it helped me out a lot last couple of months, when my climate control suffered and the display of my OBC lost some pixels. REALLY REALLY NICE HOW TO's!!


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    Hello Thomas,

    It's correct. The BE2450 is an M-bus unit and therefor has no i-bus connection.

    What you want is the later BE2455 version, which is i-bus and will allow MFL control.

    This also shows the TP radio station in the display instead of just "TP" alone. Like "TP MDR 1".

    This RDS Professional unit is very cool, even cooler than the CD43. Only thing is it can't show ID3 tags, which the CD43 can.
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    old thread but found it by chance and I take that opportunity to set something straight.
    I have a BE2450 and it does fully support MFL Ibus signal to pin 7 :-)


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