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Thread: **LET'S READ THEM AGAIN** Updated FI Rules

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    Exclamation **LET'S READ THEM AGAIN** Updated FI Rules

    In light of recent events it is time to clarify some rules that will be enforced in the FI section:

    1. The attachment system is for BMW related attachments only. No OT attachments/GIF's or video's

    2. Stay on topic - Posts should be intelligible and in relation to the topic at hand.

    3. Profanity in any form, including obscured with symbols, etc., is not allowed and will result in an immediate time-out of one week in most cases. This means photos with profanity, etc. too. The rules are pretty much where they are for family network television.

    4. Do not reply to or quote a spam post. Report it and it will be dealt with.

    5. Be respectful. Use the Report Post function (the little triangle with the exclamation point at the bottom-left of a post) if people are out of line. Realize that if you're part of the problem that being the one to report it isn't any protection.

    Please read the full "Rules of the Road" here:

    Breaking the rules can result in suspension from the forum for a week, a month or more.
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