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Thread: Good So-cal Tint shop, recommendations?

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    Good So-cal Tint shop, recommendations?

    My car never came with a tint and I am ready to throw down some cash and get a nice looking one. I have seen some ugly looking tint jobs, especially on my friends Civic (never saw so much bubbling on a tint job that he got 2 days prior). So all you So-Cal E36ers...Where would you recommened I take my car in? Recommend a shop that you have taken your car in to get a tint...So-Cal area. Preferably L.A. surroundings...

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    You might want to post in the regional forums.. Might get a better response there.

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    I took my car to Tint-M-Up in Stanton. It's on Beach Blvd. a few minutes away from Knott's but before Orangewood. They did a great job. Excellent service, and the tint is garanteed for 8 years or something. I'm really happy with it and it looks great.


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