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Thread: RCA Cable Questions

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    RCA Cable Questions

    Alright, I am getting ready to install my sub amp and I refuse to buy the pre-packaged amp kits because they seem like a waste of money. Since RCA cables come in different lengths I am wondering how long I will need to make it from the head unit to the trunk, allowing some length just in case. I am guessing that 9 ft. should cover it but want to be sure.
    I am considering using Monster Cable so if anyone has any positive or negative reviews of their RCA cables let me know now before it is too late. :
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    I don't think 9' will be long enough. Use a piece of string to measure the path you will take to the amp. Don't go down the right side of the car, that's where the battery cable runs.


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    I'm using or will be using very shortly the Rockford Fosgate "Riot Gamma" patch cables with the third induction wire. A bit pricey but can be had for $35./ set 16' on Ebay if you search a couple days. Much more in the stores. I'm gonna be running the cables down the Drivers side to the trunk from the HU. If too pricey for you consider their other model lines. Good Quality. Monster is great too... just havent researched that brand that well but know others that use it.

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    I have 5 meter monster brand cables, length is maybe a foot too long but no complaints. 9 feet will likely be too short.

    anyway, I've seen a monster amp kit with 2 5-m RCAs and a lot of 8-ga wire at Good Guys for $50, that seemed like an OK deal for the convenience of not having to search ebay and wait for shipping.

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    Try to go with a 4 gauge power cable. If you want to add another amp in the future you'll beable to on 4 gauge. I would stick with anything mid level from Monster Cable. Dont go cheap on the cables. You'll just end up replacing them.
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