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Thread: Homelink/UGDO, Sunroof Motor/Manual Crank housing access.

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    Homelink/UGDO, Sunroof Motor/Manual Crank housing access.

    I was asked to take some pics of how I have my radar detector hardwired in another thread and decided to make a new one on this topic. This will be an addendum to the original Valentine One install (which doesn't have pics of how to access the housing), but will also serve to help anyone needing to access the housing whether it be for servicing/manual cranking of the sunroof motor, changing a map light/dome light bulb or hardwiring accessories.

    Here's the link to the Valentine One install DIY.

    Radar Detector Install/Hardwire (Valentine One)

    - Be sure to wash your hands before touching the headliner material because if you don't, you'll end up with staining.

    - The only thing you need to open the housing is a flat blade, common screw driver. If you don't have a common screw driver handy, you can use the tool in the trunk toolbox.

    - You want to remove the map light housing first by gently prying the edge closest to the Homelink/UGDO switches.

    - At this point, I turned the interior lights off by pressing the center switch. Although your project might be a quick one, this is an important precaution to prevent draining the battery.

    - Here you see the light housing removed.

    - This is where I stowed the extra cord in case I decided to mount the RD remote unit.

    - Now you can remove the Homelink/UGDO panel. You have to pull the panel from the side closest to the light housing and pull the panel toward the windshield to release.

    - Here you can see the backside of the panel and switches as well as the wiring, inline fuse and blue power connector for the RD.

    - Reassembly is reverse of removal. Be careful how you position the wiring bundles as incorrect positioning will prevent the Homelink/UGDO panel and light housing from seating properly.

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    Final positioning of the Z mount and RDD.

    - Now it's time for the mandatory beer.

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