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Thread: General Forum rule review (read before you post)

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    General Forum rule review (read before you post)

    I have recently noticed an increase in rule breaking in the general forum. Outside of off topic, these rules will be strictly enforced (i.e. one week suspensions if broken). You agreed to these rules when you signed up, they are easily found at the top of the forum navigation and as an announcement in each subforum and there is no excuse for not following the rules.

    These are the rules that I will now enforce with zero tolerance:

    1. No profanity. If you can't say it on network TV you can't say it in any general forum. Replacing or omitting letters is not acceptable. Breaking this rule is an automatic one week suspension and all posts including profanity are at risk of being deleted from the forums or edited by a moderator.

    2. Personal Attacks. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Disagreements and constructive criticism are OK, but if you resort to name calling (stupid, retard, a-hole, etc) or other childish behavior than I will treat you like a child and put you in time out for a week.

    3. Be nice to newbies. New members don't know what has or has not been posted here before, and many times they don't know where they are supposed to post questions. This is normal and it is something they will learn soon. Attacking new members for not knowing the ropes does not provide a supportive environment and can scare away very good people. Like rule number 2, offer constructive advice (i.e.: try searching in the EXX forum, you should find a lot of good information there) or don't post. Attacking new members will result in suspension.

    Bimmerforums is supposed to be a supportive and fun place, but the continuous breaking of these rules is taking the fun out of the forums for many people. In addition to the three rules I have explicitly highlighted, all of Bimmerforum's rules will be enforced in all of the subforums. "I didn't know" or "Other people do it" is not an acceptable excuse for breaking a forum rule. Breaking any rule can result in suspension of posting privileges without warning. Continuous breaking of rules, or extreme rule breaking will result in being permanently removed from the forums.

    To review all of the rules, please go here:
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