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    Exclamation ***Useful links***

    Tried to compile some links by category. Although most of us have them, I thought there are quite a few people who don't. Whoever has good links for parts, DIY, etc, please post them - then we know where to look.

    Miscellaneous, tech tips

    Acronyms - good to know
    Sparkplugs reading
    Sparkplugs reading(2)
    e39 users manual
    E39 Recommended Fluids
    Diagnosing Engine Noises (1)
    Diagnosing Engine Noises (2)

    First time BMW owner : look-up section, DIY links

    New to BMW? things to know & do
    e39 Areas of Concern
    Beisan Systems VANOS & drive train
    e39 Problems and Fixes
    BMW Docs
    Multiple DIY
    Different DIY links
    BMW Technical Articles - Pelican
    Bavauto Tech Info Center
    BMW Tips'n Tricks
    Douglas Domain

    On-line parts finder, diagrams & resources

    BMW Wiring Diagrams
    BMW online TIS
    BMW Fasteners Torque Specs
    BMW VIN decoder
    BMW VIN decoder (alternate site, best)

    Alternative BMW Maintenance Schedule
    Car Key Memory Options
    Service Level I & II
    Service Levels & Inspections

    Engine mechanical

    Belt Replacement Instructions (Incl. Fan Removal) DIY
    Cooling System - complete parts list (i6)
    Cooling system overhaul DIY
    Cooling Procedures (Mark)
    Cooling procedures - Pulleys and belts
    Cooling procedures - Tensioners & pulleys close ups
    Cooling procedures - Hydraulic tensioner assembly
    Cooling procedures - water pump
    Cooling System - Filling up trick - CN90
    Cooling System - Bleeding Procedure DIY
    Cooling system - Bleeding Procedure (TIS)
    Cooling System: Official BMW coolant top up procedure
    Cooling procedures videos
    More Bleeding Procedures
    CCV replace (for +2001 go to page2 - Poolman post)
    CCV M54 (2001-2003)DIY
    CCV Detailed - BimmerfiverDIY
    CCV Diagnostic(trick)
    CCV replace with catch can DIY
    CCVExcessive oil consumption check post #13
    CCV M54 Replacement - addendum
    CCVreplace DIY - lots of pics
    CCV replacement tips (i6, M54)
    CCV, Vanos Oil Line, ICV, Alternator Air Duct cleaning DIY
    CCV BMW Service information with new parts
    Cylinder location & Firing order
    DISA replace (Codes P0171 & P0174) DIY
    DISAO-rings replace for M54
    Electric fan installation - a guide
    Electric Fan in e39 DIY
    Electric fan conversion M54 DIY
    Electric fan conversion OEM style
    Electric Fan Conversion - Fmzip DIY

    Emission Evaluation after fixing emission inefficiency code DIY
    Fan Delete Mod (clutch-to-electric) DIY
    Fan Clutch replacement DIY
    Fan Clutch test
    Headers - free flow DIY
    Head gasket M54 replace DIY
    High Flow Headers Install for i6 engines DIY
    Hydraulic Lifters (I6) cleaning DIY

    Idle Air Control valve on 96-98 non-vanos cleaning DIY
    Idle Air Control valve for i6 engine DIY
    Intake Manifold Removal for M54 engine DIY
    Intake manifold removal for v8 DIY
    O2sensor & MAF replacement DIY (540)
    O2sensors replacement 6 cyl DIY
    Oil consumption - mitigation of the PROBLEM (i6)
    Oil Filter Housing Seal replacement DIYor Alternate (BMWtips 'n tricks)
    Oil Filter Housing & Freeze Plug repair DIY
    Oil Pan gasket M52/M54 replace DIY
    Oil pan gasket replacement (no cut) DIY
    Secondary Air Pump replace DIY
    Secondary Air Pump repair DIY
    Secondary Air Pump troubleshooting (fuse 107) DIY
    Secondary Air Pump Simulatorfor i6 DIY
    Secondary Air System Fault Analysis Guide
    Secondary Air System Rant
    Sparkplug install (How-to & torque specs)
    Thermostat issues & repair
    Thermostat Replace DIY
    Vacuum leaks guide (M54) DIY
    Vacuum Leak fixes for i6 engines DIY
    Vacuum Leak Code P0171,P0174,P0313
    Valley Pan Gasket DIY
    Valve Cover Gasket DIY for i6
    Valve Cover Gasket DIY procedures for v8
    Vanos repair DIY
    Zionsville 2 stage Radiator install DIY (Original Thread)
    Zionsville 2 stage Radiator install pdf and minor edits

    Engine Electrical

    Alternator Cooling Vent cleaning
    Alternator Replacement M52 (i6) DIY
    Alternator removal procedure & Tensioners & Pulleys removal techniques
    Alternator rebuild (i6) DIY
    Alternator rebuild (Bosch) DIY
    Alternator rebuild (Valeo) DIY
    Alternator Parts for rebuild
    Battery check - do this first!
    Battery maintenanace DIY
    Battery drain troubleshooting
    Battery replacement (Duralast) DIY
    Electric Problem (Ground Wire) Fix DIY
    Fuse box under passenger footwell troubleshooting & access DIY

    Jump start a BMW
    Relays & fuses locations & amperages
    Relays & Fuses in the E-box FYI
    Starter replacement DIY

    Fuel preparation

    Floater - Gas tank (Gas Gauge stuck) replace DIY
    Fuel Filter Change DIY
    Fuel filter change tips
    Fuel Injectors replacing and/or servicing DIY
    Fuel Injectors cleaning DIY
    Fuel Level Sensor Install DIY
    Fuel pump related issues & repair DIY
    Fuel pump troubleshoot & repair DIY
    Fuel Pump R&R DIY
    Fuel pump - Test & replace DIY
    Fuel pump (insert only) replace - cheap DIY

    Fluid changes

    Brake flush DIY
    Brake flush with pressure bottle (one man) DIY
    Changing fluids triple play: ATF, Steering, Differential DIY
    Differential (Rear) & Manual Transmission Fluid change DIY
    Differential oil change
    Oil change on i6DIY
    Oil extractor build (drill pump)
    Power Steering Bleed Procedure DIY

    Sensors, codes, electrical, ABS, Reset service lights & fuses

    BMW Sensor problems & faults- diagnostics & fixes (link is on top: Common Failures)
    Software install GT1/Easy DIS v44 DIY
    OBD II trouble codes
    OBD for BMW trouble codes & forum
    ABS Module & Wheel Sensor Test & Replace DIY
    ABS Diagnostics / Procedures
    ABS, DSC, Brake lights trifecta
    Airbag ECU module replace DIY
    CAM Sensor replacement DIYfor i6
    Cam position sensor replace 528 DIY
    Cam Position sensor 528 DIY
    Camshaft Position Sensor DIYfor v8
    Cluster gauges dead easy fix DIY
    Cold weather misfires & CEL issues for i6 common issues fix
    Cruise Control Actuator Repair DIY
    Electric Gremlins(due to trunk lid harness) DIY
    Ignition lock/tumbler removal & replace DIY
    Ignition switch replace DIY
    Ignition switch replace on 528 DIY
    Ignition switch repair DIY
    Knock Sensors Repair DIY (From post 18 down)

    M5 cluster retrofit & programming
    Misfires (Cold weather), common issues & fix
    Misfires Cylinders 1-3 and rough idle soluton
    Misfire General Diagnose
    Reset Service Lights DIY
    Reset Oil Service LED (correct method)
    External Temp Sensor DIY
    Fuel Economy (mpg) OBC Correction Factor Adjustment
    Fuse #15 keeps blowing (Oil level sensor)
    Fuse diagrams
    Unlock OBC & Test or this
    Wheel Speed Sensor replacement (ABS & DSC problem related) DIY

    Automatic Transmission

    ATF Capacity and spec chart
    ATF Read this first
    ATF change a DIY w. Steptronic
    ATF change for V8 DIY
    ATF change e46 similar to e39 very detailed - for filling procedure
    ATF (another version) change DIY
    ATF filling trick DIY
    ATF Flush - DIY
    Automatic Transmission Rebuild- DIY
    Automatic Transmission Rebuild ZF DIY
    Automatic Transmission ZF 5HP24 rebuild DIY
    Automaric Transmission - No Reverse repair DIY
    Automatic Transmission Parts Catalog - ZF-5HP24
    Automatic Transmission Parts Catalog - ZF-5HP19
    Automatic Transmission Parts - ZF Catalogs


    Brakes - Caliper rebuild (shimmy simptoms cure) DIY
    Brakes - parking. Overhaul DIY
    Brake hoses overhaul DIY
    Brake job rant (Part I - Brake fluid)
    Brake job rant (Part II - Disk Brakes& Rotors)
    Brake job: Step-by-step DIY

    Drivetrain, suspensions

    Suspension Survey
    Alignment DIY
    Alignment (Camber - rear wheels) DIY
    Coilover install (e34) DIY
    Coilover install e39 i6 (Jason5driver)
    Complete front & rear overhaul, plus some engine stuff - go through the post / Champaign777
    Differential Seals Replacement DIY Guide
    Front Bearing replace DIY
    Front Strut Assembly detail DIY
    Front end Clunk (not swaybar links) DIY
    Guibo (flex disc) replace DIY
    Guibo (Flex disc) step-by-step install DIY
    Lowering car - control arm procedure
    Motor & Trany Mounts Replace (i6) DIY
    Motor & Tranny Mounts Replace notes DIY
    Motor & Tranny Mount swapDIY (540)
    Motormount swapDIY (diesel 6)
    Rear Differential - How to change gearing ABC
    Propshaft Center Bearing DIY(M5 and other links at bottom - sig)
    Rear Axle Bushings replace DIY
    Rear Axle Half Shafts inner CVrebuild DIY
    Rear axle & CV boot R&RDIY
    Rear Suspension RebuildDIY
    Rear Suspension & Wheel Bearing Install DIY
    Rear Wheel Bearing Install DIY
    Rear Suspension Overhaul - Complete DIY
    Spring (H&R) install DIY
    Springs install(Vogtland)
    Suspension Debate
    Suspensions - Need-to-know Diagnose DIY
    Suspension for 540 DIY
    Suspension Front Overhaul (Complete with p/n)for i6 DIY
    Suspension Install tips
    Suspension - Coilover install tips
    Suspension (Koni) install DIY
    Suspension overhaul - Videos
    Suspension - Bilstein HD thoughts
    Swaybar Rear M5 DIY
    Thrust Arms DIY
    Thrust Arm Bushing Replace (Bolt method) DIY
    Thrust (Powerflex) arm bushings-DIY (Infamous shimmy - cheap version and best)
    Tie Rods DIY
    Wheel bearings DIY
    Wheel bearings - rear (Bimmerfiver) DIY


    Heated steering wheel Retrofit DIY
    Powersteering Hose leak fix (540) DIY
    Power steering Hose replacementM62 DIY
    Power steering Hoses replacement - complete (layout for 530) DIY
    Power steering Hose replacement- i6 DIY
    Steering Angle Sensor R&R DIY
    Steering Rack Replace DIY

    Steering rack removal
    Steering rack leaky seal replacement DIY

    Steering rack rebuild info
    Steering wheel Alignment (dead centre) DIY
    Steering wheel type Victor swap DIY
    Steering wheel swap 4 spokes to M5 type DIY
    Steering wheel creak up/down fix DIY

    Air conditioning & HVAC

    A/CRefill (hiss) DIY
    A/C Diagnostic
    Air Vent (Middle Dash) repairDIY
    Auxiliary Fan Motor Service DIY
    Auxiliary Fan (Front bumper removal) DIY
    Aux fan (pusher) seized detailed DIY
    Blower Motor replacement e38 DIY
    Blower motor replacement e39 DIY
    Blower motor replacement notes
    Blower motor replacement - Bentley DIY
    Center Air Vent replace DIY
    FSU (Final Stage Unit) DIY - no heat in car
    FSU replacement DIY(variant)
    FSU repair guideDIY (not replace - repair the old unit)
    Heater Valve replace (Hot air only)DIY
    Sampling Fan cleaning (ticking noise)

    Body, exterior, conversions, rattles & repairs

    Beat the Squeak
    Bumper Conversion (stock to M tech) DIY
    Bumper Conversion to M tech (540 sport) DIY
    Bumper Conversion to M tech (DDM) Parts needed
    Bumper (front) REPAIRDIY
    Creaking fix solutions
    Door handle replacement DIY
    Door re-adjustment (not locking properly) DIY
    Door trim blacked out DIY
    Door trim removal (for Plasti-dip / Shadowline) DIY
    Door trim shadowline (version) DIY
    Door locks maintenance DIY
    Door locks not working- possible cause
    Door panel removal DIY
    Door Seals (edge protection) replaceDIY
    Exhaust cutout DIY
    Heatshields loose (rattle under car) fix
    Hood release cable broken. How to open the hood
    Hood Release Cable Maintenance DIY
    Hood Release Cable Replacement DIY
    Hood Release Cable Replace(the easy way) DIY
    Hood Release Cable Replacement (2) DIY
    Hood Release Cable Replacement (3) DIY
    Hood Latch & Release Cable Replacement
    Leaky Sunroof fix DIY
    Magnaflow install
    M5Mirror Install DIY
    Moonroof repair1
    Moonroof repair2
    Moonroof repair3
    Sunroof re-initialize procedure DIY

    Sunroof repair Complete DIY
    Sunroof (tilting not working) repair DIY
    Sunroof alignment DIY

    Doors & locks, trunklid:

    Door lock actuator R&R DIY
    Door locks/key issues, intermittent, documentation
    Fuel door actuator replace DIY
    Key fob programming for all e39 DIY
    Key fob Initializing Procedure DIY
    Key fob initializing procedure (discussions) DIY
    Key Rechargeable Battery replacement (Diamond shaped key) DIY
    Key - Diamond shape Battery replacement & reshaping DIY
    Key Diamond shaped Battery replacement w. pics DIY
    Key Both remotes not working - remedy DIY
    Open doors & trunk with remote - dead battery
    Remote locking mechanism troubleshooting
    Siren replacement DIY
    Trunk lock actuator replace DIY
    Trunk latch fix (broken spring) DIY
    Trunk Strut replacement DIY
    Trunk Wire Loom check and R&R DIY
    Vapor barrier fix DIY
    Vapor Barrier Sealant Choice
    Window Regulators with different complete links DIY
    Window Regulator DIY(rear - from BMW tips'n tricks)
    Window Regulator (Rear) repair (CNN)DIY
    Window Regulator repair(Lance M repair kit) DIY
    Window (front) RegulatorDIY
    Window Regulator (front) - James DC version DIY
    Window Regulator programming(Auto raise/lower) DIY

    Headlights & tail lights:

    Adjuster (Broken) Headlight DIY
    Adjusters replace non-opening Hella headlights, no cut DIY
    Angeleyes bulbs replacement DIY
    Angeleyes - LED DIY mod
    BMW complete bulb list
    Headlight rejuvenating (polish) DIY
    Headlight (Hella) rejuvenation - outstanding DIY
    Hella OEM Halogen to Xenon conversion DIY
    HID Flicker remedy DIY
    LKM Module replace DIY
    LCM Repair - Bentley DIY
    LCM chipnew info
    Rear Foglight retrofit to Euro models DIY

    Rear Foglight retrofit to stop light DIY


    Armrest conversion (with storage compartment) DIY
    Auxiliary Audio Port install - e39 models after 09/2002
    B Pillar Installation - Front & Rear Door DIY
    Bluetooth Retrofit DIY
    Cluster removal (Rings) DIY
    Curling seat fix (e34) DIY
    Curling seat fix (e39) DIY
    Curling seat (tips for fix)
    Dash Conversion to Euro Spec DIY

    Dice i-pod and XM install DIY
    Dice - very detailed - Install DIY
    Head unit (Factory) removal DIY
    Headliner removal DIY
    Homelink programming
    Instrument cluster reprogramming, fix tamper dot & info
    Instrument Cluster Light Bulbs Replace DIY
    Leather Rejuvenation / Restoring Site, Products and Procedures
    Park distance control Troubleshooting
    Pixel repair DIY
    Pixel repair (detailed) DIY
    Pixel repair - MID DIY
    Pixel repair links
    Passenger Occupancy Seat Sensor fix (Passenger Airbag fault code)
    Passenger Occupancy Seat By-pass Sensor install DIY
    Radio repair (losing AM / FM) DIY
    Seats Repair (Cover & Panel) and Posts #61 & #62 for memory & misc.
    Seatbelts rattle fix DIY
    Seatbelt - Upper Safety Belt Mount rattle - fix
    Trim Removal DIY

    Paint & chip repair:

    Chip repair DIY
    Chip repair DIY (Langka)
    Detailing Links
    Detailing 101 DIY
    Detailing In, Out, & Engine


    Sound advice: Proper procedure to break in the sub
    Speaker upgrade DIY


    Rainsensor Reattachment fix DIY
    Window Replacement (Rear) DIY
    Window wiper motor repair DIY save 300$
    Window wiper relay repair DIY
    Windshield Trim Replacement DIY
    Windshield Washer Pump replacement DIY
    Windshield washer pump R&R detailed DIY
    Windshield Washer Reservoir fix DIY
    Windshield Washer Hose fix DIY
    Wiper blade refill install BMW method
    Wiper Blade replacement DIY
    Wiper Blade Buying Guide


    Wheel offsets -many BMW
    Wheel Offset e39
    Wheel repair (paint - Style 5) DIY
    Wheel Styles BMW
    Wheels BMW - all styles

    Parked: E39 DIY Quick Links (Having problems finding a DIY? Check here!)


    BMW Clips & fasteners (body)
    Bosch Autoparts Finder
    IHKA replacement buttons
    ZF Transmission parts & fluids
    BMW Transmission fluids & parts
    BMW specific tools
    On line vendor for Diamond shaped carkey (battery replacement)

    Alternators Pros
    Bimmer Specialist
    EAC Tuning
    ECS Tuning
    MileOne - Tischer BMW
    OEM bimmerparts
    Used car parts

    Furious method (search engine for parts)

    Performance & mods:

    Active Autowerke (Supercharger etc)
    Automatic Transmission Repair Shops (No reverse issue)
    Batteries (Exact Fit)
    Bavarian Recycling (used & rebuilt engines)
    Bavariansoundwerks (speakers)
    BBA Repair ABS repair
    Brake parts (Import Replacement Parts)
    CA Automotive
    Driveline BMW Driveshaft repair
    European Supercharger Systems (ESS)
    Fine Motoring HIR headlights
    German Auto Solutions (DISA, CCV)
    ModuleMaster ABS repair
    Pixel repair
    Schmiedmann Tuning (Interior, extrior, parts & tuning)
    Shocks & Struts
    Soundsystems incl speakers
    Speedofix - Replaces face plate (Km to mph, fixes MID & speedo pixels)
    Sway bar Brackets (reinforced)
    VAC Motorsport (serious BMW stuff)
    Vanos repair - Beisan Systems
    Mirrorguard - Window Regulator Repair Shop
    ZF Transmission Parts

    Wheel Styles BMW
    Wheels BMW - all styles
    BMW Wheels
    BMW Parts & Wheels
    Detroit Wheel & Tire
    Discount Tire Direct
    Felgen Garage
    Finishline Wheels
    Image Wheels
    Lake Shore Wheels
    Rare Wheels (incl. classifieds) by Fiziks
    RB Wheels
    Wheels and Caps
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    Gosh, why isn't this a sticky? Good stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeniczone View Post
    Gosh, why isn't this a sticky? Good stuff.
    I know. Doru evidently worked hard to compile alot of excellent info!
    A partial copy of this list is already in the DIY section quick link list. I'm trying to figure out the best way to make the info more visible and accessible. Parking this in the main section might be the solution..

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    Yeah, I just bought a set of Style 49's of eBay for around $700, one of those links has two sets of them for $500/set. Needless to say, I wish I saw these a day in advance.

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    Thank you, Doru for all the work you did on this.
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    i greatly appreciate the hard work Doru!! but quick question ...... the link to fix the vapor barier don't work i gotta fix my vapor barier ... any help!!

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    James ,thanks to you also for putting this where it can be found--Doru has gone to a lot of trouble and has helped many with this list. I have needed to look back for this
    when needing reference and couldn't remember just where to find it. Good call on
    making it available readily.

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    Added this to the end of Doru's DIY list but thought it'd be good to point it out in a post.

    Parked: E39 DIY Quick Links (Having problems finding a DIY? Check here!)

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    WOW Thanks Great stuff

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    Thumbs up

    Nice revamp, Dorin!

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    Certainly I'm not the first, but thank you for a remarkable effort, this listing so extremely useful and helpful. I have used it several times, it's time I show some appreciation.
    Thanks again.

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    Thanks for taking the time to compile this list...extremely helpful for those of us new to BMWs.

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    Geared toward E38's but definitely applicable here.

    btw, i can barely read the text. I'm running the dark version
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    - Sean
    RIP Blitzkrieg

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    Wow! Doru, thank you so much. When I think of all the hours I've spent trolling thru so many forums (fora?), it's been like sifting for specks of gold among tons of rubble. You've brought all the gold into one place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLadiesMan View Post
    I'm running the dark version
    Run the default or light one.

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    Thank you!

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    thanks for these helpful links

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    There's a whole group of helpful E39 DIY videos here:

    Maybe add to the list above?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rbelton View Post
    There's a whole group of helpful E39 DIY videos here:

    Maybe add to the list above?
    Could also add the YouTube channel "E39 Source" to that link too. Lots of E39 DIY videos a couple of other BMW'S too.

    Also could be worthwhile to add Frankie's Bmw:

    But otherwise an excellent compilation online resources for E39 here. Thx Doru!
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    Looking for a write up on Auto to manual swap! Can someone direct me to the right area!

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    Look for Blackknight530i or Geargrinder, they and a few others have done it.


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