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Thread: Driver Side Parking Lamp Malfunction?

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    Driver Side Parking Lamp Malfunction?

    I have a E63 2005 645, I am getting a notice of "driver side parking lamp malfunction". Does anyone know where to locate (preferably with pics) and change bulbs for these parking lamps aka (angle eyes)?

    I looked inside the wheel well and opened the access but cant locate the parking lamp...any assistance would be appreciated.

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    I am having light trouble too. I have taken almost the entire front end off my car and cannot fix my problem (low bulb failure and adaptive lighting failure). The Angel Eye bulbs are located in about the center of the headlight assembly towards the bottom. One bulb for driver's side and one for passenger side of the car (2 bulbs total on car). Start with Passenger side as it is easier to see, remove and replace. It turns about 1/4 turn then you pull it straight out. Pay close attention to the three prongs that stick out (one is larger than the other two) to match holes when replacing. The bulbs can be bought off line, but do NOT include the assembly that BMW would sell you. You need a 5-10watt bulb. The bulb that is in the assembly is a Phillips 12082. You just have to match up the bottom and voltage/wattage. Driver side is a little harder to get to without removing hold latch. I was able to remove the bulb and replace in the old assembly. I will look for vendor who sold me the bulbs online. They were about 5$ each and I went ahead and bought three. Good Luck.

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    FYI, the parking lamp is not necessarily the angel eye bulb nor is it the low/high beam bulb, nor is it the signal light bulb.

    For our cars, the "parking lamp" can be referred to as a couple things, and it is never really that clear, even in the manual. But in TSB's, it is most often referenced as the far corner bulb that is constantly on - the small amber bulb in the corner of the signal eyebrow of the headlight, accessed via the front wheel wells.

    Also, depending on how your car is programmed, it can refer to the low voltage beam + angel eyes that are more commonly referred to as DRL's (or daytime running lights). The problem is that the DRL function is programmable, and it is also inconsistently applied between the pre and post-LCI model years.

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    Hey HOSS... Any help with suggestions on where to start with a fix for the passenger-side dead headlight assembly would be great! Are you available for a quick chat?

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