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Thread: e46 318 ci keeps blowing a fuse ?

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    e46 318 ci keeps blowing a fuse ?

    Hi guys and girls i dont suppose you can help i have a 2002 318 ci and it keeps blowing the fuse number 62 i can replace it it will be fine for a few days then just pops and then my air con doesnt work ?
    is this a common problem is there anything i should check .
    thanks in advance .

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    My 2003 320D keeps blowing 62 fuse also.
    When that happens i cant control the top and foot blowers temperature... it is always hot, even with ac on to max cold.
    However, the left, right and center blowers work as espected...
    What can be the problem?

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    My car is doing the same thing, As soon as i replace the 7.5 amp fuse #62 it blows. Im suspecting I have a bad Heater control valve that is stuck open. Can this be repaired or do I have to just get a new one?

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    The heater control valve canít be repaired if itís blowing the fuse. First, disconnect the valve and then replace fuse 67 to see if the fuse still blows.
    Whereís the heater control valve? Pop the hood/bonnet and check the inner fender on the intake side of the engine. Youíll see 2 smaller hoses going to a module that has a small electrical connector at the top. Remove the electrical connector and replace fuse 67. The valve is item #4 in the link.

    If the fuse still blows then check the wiring going to the valve.


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