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Thread: How To Re-Do Your e36 3 Spoke Steering Wheel Leather

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    Quote Originally Posted by rustysrustyduc View Post
    So I bought the pig suede.

    We'll see how long it lasts.

    Now all I have to do is find some light blue polyester thread in #69. Anyone else have any luck?

    - - - Updated - - -

    OH, and which Scarlet red did you guys buy? There are TWO. Scarlet (A&E 37594) and Scarlet (Eddington 2003)
    So how did this turn out? Pictures? Did you find the thread?

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    Bump... because I found this today while searching how to do this, and it is great information.

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    Thank you! this is great.
    Do you have any tips or suggestions when it is time to hand-sew onto the wheel?
    Should I place evenly spaced black dots with a sharpie to keep all the spacing even? ... or I suppose the pre-sewn flat leather will already have the thread sewn ... just thread/sew into the existing holes.
    Should you sew a 4 to 6 point temporary, to hold in place?
    Where do you recommend starting? (top, bottom, sides?)
    Any tips on sewing a portion, then sewing the three spokes or when do you tackle the spokes?
    Do you recommend soaking the completed leather pattern for a few hours before sewing to the wheel, so it will dry tighter to the wheel?
    Do you recommend sewing twice in opposite directions to end up with an X pattern?

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