So your factory subs look and sound like balls. Luckily there is an easy way to install a $40 Bazooka subwoofer from craigslist.

The following is applicable to cars equipped with the DSP amplifier in the trunk. My subwoofer's amplifier is only 200 watts, so I am able to use 12 gauge wire. If you have a higher power amplifier, you'll definitely want to use a thicker wire for the subwoofer power and ground. You will also need some quick-splice connectors, crimp-on eyelets, and spade connectors, again depending on what your amplifier has.

Here is the general layout of the wiring and subwoofer placement. Yours will vary depending on amp/sub combination. In my case, the amplifier is built into the Bazooka tube. The 90s were SOOO COOOOL.

Here are the wires you need to tap into and run to the amplifier. Note: some prefer using the pre-amp lines rather than the subwoofer channel lines. Both will work. Yes, I cut the subwoofer wires. DO NOT CUT THE REMOTE (THIN WHITE) WIRE. You don't have to cut them but if you do, just make sure you leave enough space to put the splice connector on.

Here are the battery connections:

And here's where the wires come up and connect to the subwoofer:

For the best sound, you'll want to remove the factory rear deck. This requires removing the back seats and c-pillar trim. There is a write up on

Stock appearance is retained, but there is nothing under those speaker grilles, just the holes that lead to the trunk.

And there you have it. You are now ready to start knockin doors down.