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Thread: 318is (M42) Timing chain tensioner?

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    Post 318is (M42) Timing chain tensioner?


    My '91 318is (M42) is an absolutely amazing vehicle; still running strong at 270,000mi. Unfortunately there is a very consistent and annoying rattling, coming from inside the engine as far as I can tell. I remember reading an article talking about how the Timing-chain tensioner piston may be worn out in older engines; so my question is this:

    Has anyone here replaced a timing-chain tensioner piston in an M42 engine, and if so, did it make your engine sound/run better?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Yes, I replaced what I believe to be an original tensioner on my M42 318i at about 193k miles, because I was hearing a spit-second's worth of chain noise at startup. That noise went away after replacement with an M44 tensioner, and I didn't have any more trouble with it through 210k miles when I sold the car.

    I would strongly recommend you remove the valve cover and inspect the timing gears and any other part of the assembly you can see at that mileage. You may very well have worn-out chain and gears.
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    It is easy to replace the tensioner piston. You might be due for a full timing case overhaul, though. Look through the diagrams on realoem to see what all you will need. Parts will run $600.

    At the least, after replacing the piston, pull the lower oil pan & look for debris. If there are chunks of timing chain, then rebuild it ASAP and don't rev it over 4000RPM until you do. The pices WILL get into the oil pump eventually, and that is a $1000 job, minimum. Also check all of the upper pan bolts that are inside the oil pan. Sometimes a couple of them come loose around the sump. This can lead to a gasket failure that basically runs air into the oiling system, and the motor won't last long like that!

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    Changed out at 141k miles. Slight start up rattle, all quiet now.

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    deffo worth doing mate for the half hour it takes to install, and as already stated the later model tensioner is also an upgrade on yours,

    i'll post a link to a brief write up i did on this subject,

    i installed mind in the extended state as i was pooping my pants about reving the car until the tensioner engaged,

    do it soon or you may regret it, i felt much happier knowing i had changed mine
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