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Thread: ***E36 M3 FAQ and DIY Resource Thread - Check here first! ***

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    Thumbs up ***E36 M3 FAQ and DIY Resource Thread - Check here first! ***

    *Updated 12/31/10

    If you know of a great article, diy, website for parts, thread with awesome discussions, etc that would help out any other member, post it up here and I will add it to the list.

    All of the information I took from bimmerdiy,, pelican parts, my own memory, and the two stickied topics on this board. Yes, I know my list leaves out a ton of good info, but I dont have all the time in the world to do this haha.

    This list will mirror with the information on Calvin and I are working together to make sure both lists are continually updated.

    Recommended tools for working on your car


    Bed-In procedure
    Big brake kits for out E36 m's... Something I don't know?
    Brake Pad And Rotor Replacement (Version 1)
    Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement (Version 2)
    E-Brake Adjustment
    Fluid Flush
    Pressure Bleeding your brakes
    Ultimate Brake Pad Thread
    Which Brake Rotor is best for me?


    Auxiliary Fan Replacement
    Complete Cooling System Overhaul
    Cooling System Flush & FAQ (Version 1)
    Coolant System Flush (Version 2)
    Fan Delete (Version 1)
    Fan Delete (Version 2)
    Final Stage Unit Replacement DIY
    Plastic Radiator Clip Removal Video DIY
    Radiator Replacement
    Replaced Coolant Level Sensor...Still Broken
    SPAL Electric Fan Wiring
    Thermostat Replacement (Version 1)
    Thermostat Replacement (Version 2)
    Water Pump Replacement

    Electrical / Stereo

    11-Button OBD to 18-Button OBD conversion
    Alternator Replacement
    Bass Link Install
    C33 Auxiliary Modification
    DME Repair
    DME Chip Upgrade
    Glovebox Power Adapter
    HK Speaker Upgrade
    Lightweight Battery Thread
    Speed Sensor, what is it?

    Engine / Mechanical

    Big Bore Throttle bodies, the truth, and any better alternative?
    Camshaft Install Video DIY
    Camshaft Position Sensor replacement
    Camshaft Removal / Installation
    Camshaft Timing and Vanos Unit Installation
    Complete ASC delete with no ABS light/fault
    Complete Oil Pump Nut write up.
    Conforti Intake DIY
    Crankshaft Position Sensor replacement
    Cyclone separator, how it works, and DIY cleaning
    Dinan supercharger kit: how PCV and 3way valve work
    E36 M3 Tuning Guide – Tech
    Head Gasket replacement
    Heat shield DIY
    ICV Cleaning
    Idle Control Valve (ICV) and Crankcase Vent (CCV) Replacement
    Intake Manifold Removal
    Lower Chain Tensioner replacement
    Oil Cooler Install
    Oil Cooler Fitting Kit DIY
    Oil Filter Housing Gasket DIY Added 12/31/10
    Oil Pan Gasket replacement
    Oil Pan Baffle Kit DIY
    Oil Temperature Flange DIY
    PCV Replacement
    Rod Bearings & Oil Pump Nut Replacement
    S52 OBD1 Conversion DIY
    S52 pickup tube failure, z3 2.8L upgrade Added 11/29/10
    Shark Injector FAQ
    Shark Injector Installation DIY
    TMS Underdrive Pulley DIY
    Turbocharger System Installation
    Valve Adjustment Made Easy
    Vanos rebuilding DIY
    Vanos Installation Guide provided by Dr Vanos
    Vanos Installation Guide provided by 95M3Freak
    Vanos Oil Line and Solenoid Replacement


    ****Official Exhaust Thread Version 3****
    BMW E36 Exhaust Testing - Tech Review - European Car Magazine
    Exhaust Installation


    1995 BMW M3 LWT Front Splitter Removal and repair
    DIY: IDIOT PROOF guide to fixing your headlight switch
    Door Handle Replacement DIY Added 12/20/10
    Door Handle Trim Replacement DIY
    Euro Ellipsoid Wiring
    Fix for infamous LBF problem
    Hood Latch and Cable Replacement
    Installing HID kit on ZKW headlights
    Lip Spoiler Install
    Painted Door Molding
    Rear bumper sag fix
    Rear Shock Tower Replacement DIY
    Rear Window Trim DIY
    Roundel Replacement
    Under Hood light install
    US Spec Headlight Cleaning
    Trunk Latch Reinforcement DIY
    Trunk removal/install
    Windshield Cowl Replacement (Coupe)
    Windshield Cowl Replacement (Sedan)

    Fuel Delivery/Injection

    Fuel Pump Replacement (Version 1)
    Fuel Pump & Fuel Level Sender (Version 2)
    Fuel Pump install (Version 3)
    Injector Replacement


    Airbag Light Modification
    Brake switch
    Center Vent Replacement
    Cruise Control Install
    Door Actuator Fix
    Door Panel Removal/Repair/Reinstall
    Faded Rear Deck
    Guide on E36 lighting, HID's, and Projector Retrofitting
    Headlight Switch
    HomeLink + auto dimming rear view mirror retrofit
    HVAC Blower Replacement
    Instrument Cluster Testing
    Interior LED conversion
    Leatherique (Leather conditioning/cleaning) Application
    M-Tec (4 spoke to 3 spoke) Steering Wheel Install + Additional 4 spoke to 3 spoke info.
    Powered Rear Window Vents (Version 1)
    Power Rear Window Vent (Version 2)
    Rear Seat Removal
    Removing Sunroof Fabric Panel DIY
    Sagging Glovebox fix (Version 1)
    Sagging Glovebox fix (Version 2)
    Seat Belt latch replacement
    Shift Boot and E-Brake boot replacement DIY by Redline Goods
    Squeaky Steering Wheel Fix
    Steering Wheel Conversion
    Taillamp contact plate fix
    Vader Seat Swap
    Window Fix
    Window Motor and Regulator Replacement
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    BMW Belt Replacement
    BMW Oil Change
    Cabin Filter Replacement (Version 1)
    Cabin Filter Replacement (Version 2)
    Cabin Filter Replacement (Version 3)
    Differential Fluid Review Thread
    Engine Oil Guide for E36 M3
    Fluids FAQ - Oil, Diff, Tranny, Coolant, Brake, Steering
    Fluids thread (The Best of)
    Fuel Filter Replacement (Version 1)
    Fuel Filter Replacement (Version 2)
    Motor Mount Replacement DIY (Version 1)
    Motor Mount Replacement DIY (Version 2)
    O2 (Oxygen) Sensor Replacement (Version 1)
    O2 (Oxygen) Sensor Replacement (Version 2)
    Seafoam DIY
    Spark Plug Replacement
    Spark Plug Thread (The Ultimate thread)
    Spark plugs: Which ones and when to change?
    Transmission mount diy
    Valve Cover Replacement (Version 1)
    Valve Cover Replacement (Version 2)
    Washer Fluid Replacement DIY


    BMW DIY Tool Thread
    EDGE Motorworks 75k checklist
    E36 M3 FAQ provided by Eurospeed
    Homemade Engine Brace
    How to Jack up the front of a lowered car
    Known Bentley Manual Mistakes
    Modding 101- Basics of the most common modifications for our cars
    Moneyshifters!!! Who here has done it and what happened?
    Motorsport Book Recommendations
    OBC Tricks
    Pre-Purchase list of stuff to check
    Should I buy an E36 M3? (
    Weights of Stock Parts
    Whats the best E36 M3 to buy (Bimmerforums)?
    What to Know when buy a E36 M3

    Stability / Suspension / Tires / Steering

    Alignment Guide for your E36 M3 (The Definitive Guide)
    Changing Power Steering Fluid
    Definitive Suspension Guide
    Coilover Bible - How they work, etc
    Complete Suspension Upgrade (Version 1)
    Complete Suspension Upgrade (Version 2)
    Complete Rear shocks/springs replacement
    Complete Rear Suspension Upgrade (Version 3)
    Control Arms, Control Arm Bushings, and Tie Rods
    Damper Thread
    Fixed Camber Kit DIY
    Front Camber Bolt Kit DIY Front Wheel Bearing DIY LCAB replacement
    Tire Question Thread 1
    Power Steering Hose Repair
    Power Steering Repair
    (Torn) Rear Shock Tower Fix DIY
    Rear Suspension Overhaul
    RTAB’s without special tools
    RTAB DIY with BMW Tools w/ or w/o GC shims
    RTAB Pocket Reinforcements
    Shock valving, Bilstein, Koni, ride quality, traction, and handling
    Steering Column Guibo Replacement DIY
    Steering Rack Stop DIY
    Suspension Overhaul FAQ
    Suspension Setups
    Suspension Setups with Actual Drop Measurement
    TMS Steering Alignment Tool DIY
    Wheel Painting
    Wheel Space Encyclopedia
    Wheel Spacer Measuring DIY
    Wheel/Tire Fitment (The Ultimate Guide)
    X Brace Install

    Transmission / Drive Shaft / Diff

    3 Series Clutch Replacement
    ’95 LSD warning
    Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement and Bleeding
    Differential Mounts (Delrin / Aluminum)
    Does the auto detract THAT much from the M3 experience?
    Flex disc/ Guibo DIY
    Homemade Clutch Stop
    Inner/Outer CV Joint
    Selector Shaft Seal and Gearshift Rod Joint
    Shift lever install
    Shift Pins DIY
    5th/Reverse Gear detent fix FAQ with PNs
    Stick rests at 5th gear when cold
    UUC Tranny Mounts and TMEs=Vibrations?
    Weighted Selected Rod modification
    Z3 Short Shifter Upgrade DIY Added 11/30/10
    Z4 tranny fit in e36 M3 ??

    Other DIY Sites / Useful links

    Real OEM- Place to find part numbers for every part on you car
    BMW Fan . Same as RealOEM, but some like it more.
    Bimmer DIY E36
    Blackstone Oil Analysis Lab
    BMW E36 DIY Blog
    Bob is the Oil Guy
    Doug's Domain E36/E46 DIY Page
    Motor Oil FAQ
    DIY Guide on M3Forum created by 99MPower
    Pelican parts Technical Articles
    First Track Event


    BMW M Registry 3.0 liter FAQ
    BMW M Registry 3.2 liter FAQ

    Attachment 142130 1995 M3 Car & Driver Spec Sheet
    Attachment 142131 1995 M3 Road & Track Spec Sheet
    Attachment 169671Road & Track 1995 M3 Spec Page
    Attachment 139716 1997 M3 Sedan Spec Page Road & Track
    Attachment 168258]July 1997 Road & Track Dinan Test Summary Page 1
    Attachment 168259July 1997 Road & Track Dinan Test Summary Page 2
    Attachment 168260 September 1997 Motor Trend Dinan summaries
    Attachment 169667 Car and Driver September 1997 Best Handling Car page 1
    Attachment 169668 Car and Driver September 1997 Best Handling Car page 2
    Attachment 139715 1998 M3 Coupe and Sedan Brochure Specs

    Where can I find parts, wheels, performance parts, etc?

    OE/OEM Part places
    RM European
    Pelican Parts
    Bimmerparts/Zygmunt Motors (cmuzyy on BFC)

    Top Notch Aftermarket/ Stock
    Turner Motorsports
    Tire Rack
    Bavarian Autosport
    ECS Tuning
    Import RP
    NA Motorsports
    Dr Vanos
    Beisan Systems Vanos Anti Rattle/Seals
    M50 Manifold conversion kits
    UUC Motorwerks
    Bimmerforums For Sale Section
    Bimmerforums Group Buy/Vendor Sale Section
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    Thanks for aggregating all this information!

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    Window Motor and Regulator Replacement link no longer works.

    Please replace with this one from Doug's domain. Thank you!

    SCENIC BYWAYs......

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    Couple of link problems

    Cabin Filter Replacement (Version 2) - links to Seafoam DIY, not cabin filter

    Cabin Filter Replacement (Version 3) - link broken, has been replaced by:
    97 Estoril/Black M3/4/5

    "Although we've experienced an M3 sedan with an automatic, our test car came fitted as God intended, with a 5-speed manual ..."
    Road & Track May 1997, testing the M3 Sedan

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    The link for Recommended tools at the beginning is incorrect. Looks like it's moved to Note: I've noticed clicking on the link will take you to a 404 error page. I think his page may have some bad code. If you navigate specifically to the page is accessible.
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    Post #2, Transmission/Driveshaft/Diff section - the link for Selector Shaft Seal and Gearshift Rod Joint is broken. Should probably point to here:


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