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Thread: Can a Euro Transplant be OBD-II Compliant?

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    Can a Euro Transplant be OBD-II Compliant?

    looking at purchasing a full euroswapped car, but live in the wonderful state of illinois, where anything obd2 and newer gets plugged in/scanned for codes every year or two.

    so i guess im curious, what will happen if you plug an obd2 reader into a euroswapped e36? will it connect and show no faults? or will i be out of luck?
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    We need to sticky this

    S50B30 and S50B32 engines have factory dme's that do not support OBD-II testing in any way shape or form.

    The software is simply not place for the dme to provide the requested data for an OBD-II emissions testing station, nor is the hardware.

    Proof postive that it will NEVER be able to work properly is the simple fact that the S50B30 and the S50B32 powered cars never had pre and post catalytic O2 sensors, so that they can't possibly be OBD-II emissions compliant.

    I hope this is simple without being condescending. This issue is raised so many times in so many forums, and in so many different manners, it really needs to be in a FAQ somewhere.

    In addition, a new version of this question is whether a standalone system that might be added to a euro motor or S54 type transplant can be made to pass emissions via an OBD-II plug. The short version of the answer is that it can not be done since the standalone's are not set up either for pre and post cat O2 sensors nor to respond to the data requests via an obd-II plug. I'm sure that it would be a huge violation of laws to build a standalone that did this since it would be so easy to cheat then on emissions.

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