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Thread: What we need to diagnose your issue

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    Exclamation What we need to diagnose your issue

    There are a bunch of really good techs, bimmerheads, and helpful people at this forum. But if you don't provide pertinent data, no one can help you diagnose the issue you're having.

    First, we need the year, and model. The mileage is often helpful. sometimes the transmission, and certainly what aftermarket equipment you might have which might in any way be involved. That means, if you've got an electrical or starting issue, we need to know if you have a big stereo, or an alarm system!

    Please, help the readers and responders help you. Without data, we're guessing.

    EDIT, years later: I want to add that telling us the symptoms, and when they happen, is a really good idea. If you hear a noise, tell us when it happens: cold, hot, at low speed, under acceleration, etc. Tell us where the noise is coming from, and preferably post a video, with sound. If you have warning lights on, whether you think they're related or not, tell us.

    Lastly, please do your very best to use good English, and punctuation, and thereby convince us it's worth answering you. If you don't speak English as your first language, then there's no problem, we'll do our very best to get around the language barrier, and be of help. But if you're just too lazy to TRY, expect us to be a bit restrained, in our efforts to help.
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    And I'll add that if the CEL is on, or has been on, that you have the fault codes when you post your problem.
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    All of us tech are supposed to be psyhic.

    Yes you are right I would rather have too much info than not enough.
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    Also, do be afraid of doing a little searching before you post up a problem. If you have a steering vibration, there are a ton of threads here for the problem.

    ..is there any way to make this a sticky?

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