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Thread: Congrats, you just got banned for swearing in Kills!

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    Congrats, you just got banned for swearing in Kills!

    Welcome to the New Cruelty!

    "What's the New Cruelty," you ask?

    Unfortunately, the resurfacing of an expletive-ridden thread concerning the authorities and a certain member's M5 caught the attention of a staff member. Or, more appropriately, THE staff member that somewhat unregulated forums like Kill Stories need to avoid in order to remain only somewhat regulated. As a result, Kill Stories is now back in the spotlight, and the below rules will be enforced to the letter:

    Quote Originally Posted by Hugo View Post

    1. If you say use any kind of profanity, we WILL lock the thread and you WILL automatically get a time out.
    1.a If a thread is proceeding along nicely, and you come in and muck it up with inane profane ramblings, your response will be deleted and you will be banned.
    2. Cleverly disguised profanity is still profanity.
    3. Feel like trolling? Only if you feel like being wiped off the forum.
    4. No kill? Time out.
    5. Merely linking your kill story from another forum is also a no-no.
    6. If you get t.o.'ed and you bitch and moan about it, chances are your stay in the slammer will get extended.
    7. Anything deemed as post whoring (ie- "nice kill" or "+1") = deleted, thread locked, and TO.
    Since people seem to ignore posted stickies like this and wade on in to post profane responses, I expect there will be a good number of bannings before the clear message is sent that the staff is deadly serious this time. I have a lot better ways to spend my day than sifting through every post made for the errant swear, so being the human that I am, I might miss something along the way. I apologize for this in advance. However I do promise to make the thread closings and your account trashings as fair and uniform as possible.

    So be careful and save the swearing for elsewhere, or you might end up crying on another forum about being banned just like this sad little child.

    Quote Originally Posted by SilverStreak View Post

    BimmerForums does not endorse illegal racing.

    This forum is for the telling of Kill Stories, racing stories from the street or track, etc.

    This forum is not for "speculation" or "what if" posts. Posts such as that belong either in the individual model forum of the BMW involved, or the Off Topic Forum.

    As a general guideline, this forum is for Kill Stories involving BMWs, as this is a BMW enthusiast's site. Some posts not involving BMWs may get towed to the Off Topic Forum.

    Please refrain from cross posting Kill Stories from another website as that has the potential to lead to site wars, flame-fests, and trolling.

    Also, simply posting links to videos is not really a Kill Story, and will likely be better off placed in the particular model forum, or maybe the Off Topic Forum.

    Please only post stories that you yourself were involved in, not "my friend's sister's cousin's boyfriend's raced this guy" type of stories. Most stories spawn a discussion, and the author should be directly involved in the story in order to participate in that discussion. Friend's or other people's stories will get towed or locked.

    As this forum is located in the Main Forums part of BimmerForums, please refrain from using profanity in your posts here. Many members scan the site here while at work, and we have site sponsors to consider, as well.

    (The Off Topic Forum has a warning posted about containing such language, and profanity is not as much an isssue there, as a result).

    In the Main Forums, be a little creative and exercise your vocabulary some, you can think of other ways to express yourself than using profanity.

    Also, we've had some complaints about post-whoring here in the Kills Forum via the brief "Nice Kill" post. Do us a favor, try to construct at least a sentence or a small paragraph when responding to a post, it shows some thought on your part. Otherwise, the "Nice Kill" and "+1" posts could get deleted.

    Lastly, as a tie-in to the "Respect-Respect-Respect" Announcement parked above: Name-calling, insults, personal attacks, and flames will not be tolerated in the Kill Stories Forum.

    Members can debate and argue over any point they want, provided they do not violate the rules in doing so. A refresher on the Rules that you all agreed to when you signed up here is linked here: .

    How one handles criticism is just as important as how one presents a point of contention or debate. Keep it civil, keep in clean, and remember we're all car enthusiasts here, so respect one another and have fun posting.
    Thank you for reading.
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