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Thread: Replacing intake cam position sensor - S54

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    Replacing intake cam position sensor - S54

    I've searched but couldn't find much info specific to the S54. Bentley says I need to remove the intake manifold, fuel rail, and other stuff to replace the intake cam position sensor. Has anyone replaced the sensor on an S54 and is it possible to do it without taking all that stuff off? Anyone have a write-up/pics?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I’m in the middle of the same situation. The intake cam sensor is located at the rear of the air side of the engine, behind the fuel rail, there is no other way believe me I’ve researched it. The only real problem I’ve had is to remove the intake manifold from the throttle housings (6). Bentley is your best source for working on your car. Good luck!!

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    I would think it easier to just pull the valve cover. Then you have pretty good access to the back of the engine. I just did a vanos and was looking at that sensor.


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