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Thread: Refinishing some style 32's for my E36

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    Refinishing some style 32's for my E36

    I just picked up a set of 17x8 and 17x9 BMW style 32's for my E36. I havent decided if I want to try and run the 17x9's in the rear or sell/trade them for 2 more 17x8's. The face and outer edge of the rims have a fair about of chips and generally just dont look that great. What options do I have for a DIY treatment on these? Im not sure what they are made out of or what type of finish is on them but i would like to strip them myself and repaint the centers and possibly polish the lip if I can figure out how to make it look right. Suggestions?

    17x8 on all four corners. 215/40/17

    17x8 and 17x9. Still running 215/40/17

    Also, I HATE stretch with a passion. What width is recommend for an 8" wheel and for a 9" wheel. I dont want tire bulge either like a fat chick at the beach. I want it to fit right.

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    i dont know much about refinishing, but i am sure its not hard. just sand down and respay with whatever color youd like. polishing on the other hand i know NOTHING about, but a fully polished style 32 would be sick..

    also you might because to pull off 225/40/17 on the 17x9 but you cant be slammed and would need alot of fender work.

    just my 2 cents. i maybe wrong on all accounts so dont quote me

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    You should be able to run 245/40/17 with no rolling. But it depends on the offset and suspension you're running.

    I run 255/40/18's in the rear with the fenders rolled.
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